ROWBOTHAM   from Anston, Yorkshire.

This page is about the ROWBOTHAM surname, descendants and connected families from Hugh Rowbotham of Anston, Yorkshire.   The four main spellings ROWBOTHAM, ROWBOTHOM, ROWBOTTAM and ROWBOTTOM are found fairly interchangeably, because the Vicar or Registrar tended to use his own spelling.   The first spelling has been used here for simplicity, unless it is known that the person concerned used an alternative.   Details of the first two or three generations are uncertain.   Details of living people are not shown without their permission.    Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.

Descendants of Hugh ROWBOTHAM of Anston, Yorks.

First Generation   (10)

1.Hugh ROWBOTHAM, born c1690, a Day Labourer, married Ann who died 1763.   Hugh died 1766-67.
iMary, born 1716
iiElizabeth, born 1718, died 1720
2.iiiJohn, born c1720, labourer,

Second Generation   (9)

2.John ROWBOTHAM, born c1720, a Labourer, married Elizabeth, born c1713   John died 1783?
3.iJohn, born c1741 at Anston, Yorks; labourer,
iianother child b 1744?

Third Generation   (8)

3.John ROWBOTHAM, born c1741 at Anston, Yorks.; a Labourer, married Mary SIMMONS, in 1768?, she was born c1740   John died 1819.   He may have had an earlier marriage?
iElizabeth, baptised 24 Mar 1767 at Anston, Yorks.
4.iiThomas, born 21 Dec 1768, baptised 26 Dec 1768 at Anston, Yorks.
iiiMary, baptised 23 Jul 1775.
ivAnn, born 12 Feb 1778, baptised 5 Apr 1778, married Charles BATTERSBY 3 Mar 1802 at Anston, Yorks.
5.vJohn, born Sep 1780 at Anston, baptised 13 Dec 1780 at Anston, Yorks.
viHannah, born 14 Aug 1783, baptised 24 Nov 1783 at Anston, Yorks.

Fourth Generation   (7)

4.Thomas ROWBOTTAM, born 21 Dec 1768, baptised 26 Dec 1768 at Anston, Yorks.   He was a Farmer.   He married Mary BATTERSBY, of Anston (daughter of Thomas BATTERSBY and Molly CLARKE) 18 Jul 1790 at Anston, she was baptised 31 May 1772.   They were both in the 1841 census at South Anston, Yorks.   She died 1 Nov 1843 at Anston.   Thomas died 20 Oct 1846 at Anston, Yorks.
iJohn, born 9 Sep 1790, baptised 10 Oct 1790.
6.iiThomas, born 1 Apr 1805 at Anston, baptised 24 Mar 1805 at Anston, Yorks.
7.iiiMary, born 28 Feb 1812, baptised 22 Mar 1812 at Anston, Yorks.
5.John ROWBOTTAM, born Sep 1780, baptised 13 Dec 1780 at Anston, Yorks; a Horsebreaker, married Mary
iElizabeth, baptised 24 Mar 1805 at Anston.
iiCharlotte, born 2 Oct 1806, baptised 26 Nov 1806 at Anston.
8.iiiWilliam, born 7 Aug 1808, baptised 18 Aug 1808 at Anston.
ivHenry, born 15 Jun 1810, baptised 22 Jul 1810 at Anston; married Maria, born at Clown, Derbyshire.   He was found with his wife aged 31 and 24 in 1841 census SRD Rotherham, RD Beighton, ED6 and in the 1881 census as Agricultural Labourer in Main Street, Aston Cum Aughton, Yorks.
vEmma, baptised 22 Feb 1813 (or 1814?) at Anston.
viEphraim, baptised 19 Jan 1817 at Anston.
viiCharles, born 1819, baptised 31 Oct 1819 at Anston; Quarryman.   In the 1881 census he is a widower and Quarryman a boarder living with the family of Samuel LOWE a Driller In Quarry at 139 Nottingham St, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Fifth Generation   (6)

6.Thomas ROWBOTTAM, born 1 Apr 1805 at Anston, baptised 24 Mar 1805 at Anston, Yorks.   He used the TTAM spelling, but the Registrar used the THAM spelling on his and Rachel's death certificates.   He was ordained Deacon in 1828 and Priest in 1829, both by the Archbishop of York, Hon. Edward V. Harcourt.   In 1835 Perpetual Curate of North & South Anston; 1851 Incumbent of North Anston; Curate of Audlem Cheshire; 1859 Curate of Kinver, Staffs.; 1865 Newton Regis, Staffordshire; 1868 Vicar of Kegworth.   He married Rachel MOOR, (daughter of John MOOR and Rachel), 24 Mar 1833 at Anston, Yorks.   She was baptised 6 Nov 1808 at All Saints, Aughton in Aston.   They were both in the 1841 census at North Anston, Yorks; and in the 1851 census at North Anston, Yorks., where he was the Incumbent; and in the 1861 census at Kinver.   She died 25 Oct 1870 at Kegworth, Leicestershire.   Thomas hung himself 5 Feb 1871 at Kegworth.
  9.iRachel Mary, born 24 Jan 1834 Todwick, baptised 23 Feb 1834 at Anston.
10.iiThomas, born 13 Jun 1835, baptised 23 Jul 1835 at Anston.
iiiJane, born perhaps Apr 1837, baptism not found, but grandaughter Helen Stone (#11-iii below) believed that another daughter had been born.
ivHelen, born cSep 1838, baptised 28 Oct 1838 at Anston.   She died at Todwick and was buried 25 Apr 1854 at Anston.
vEmily, born 23 Jul 1840, baptised 6 Sep 1840 at Anston.   No children.
11.viAnne (Annie), born 7 Jun 1842, baptised 9 Oct 1842 at Anston.
viiAgnes, born 4 Sep 1844, baptised 6 Oct 1844 at Anston.   Unmarried, died 1943 at Manston, Cross Gates, Leeds.
viiiFrances (Fanny), born 21 Jun 1846, baptised 29 Aug 1847 at Anston.   Unmarried, died 14 Feb 1886.
ixElizabeth (Lizzie), born 2 Apr 1848, baptised 9 Apr 1848 at Anston.   No children.
xJohn Edward, born cMay 1850, baptised 1 Aug 1850 at Anston.   He married Margaret Sarah BALL Sep Qtr 1871 at Islington, she was born c1850 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and died 18 May 1928 at Teignmouth, Devon.   They were living at 49 Offord Road, Islington in the 1881 census, he was a Clerk.   He lived in Hornsey in 1907 when he wrote his will.   John died 21 June 1911 at Newton Abbot, Devon.   No children found, nor mentioned in their wills.
7.Mary ROWBOTTAM, born 28 Feb 1812, baptised 22 Mar 1812 at Anston, Yorks.   She married Joseph PASHLEY, Innkeeper at South Anston(1841), born 19 Mar 1803 baptised 1 May 1803 at Anston.   In 1841 census they were living at South Anston with daughter.   In 1851 census at South Anston with 5 children.   Mary is in the 1881 census, described as an Annuitant, a widow, her daughter Ann and grandchildren are living with her.
iMary Hannah PASHLEY, born 1 Apr 1839, baptised 28 Apr 1839 at Anston.
12.iiJoseph PASHLEY, baptised 25 July 1841 at Anston.
13.iiiAnn PASHLEY, baptised 4 Aug 1844 at Anston.
ivWilliam PASHLEY, baptised 17 Jan 1846 at Anston.
vRachel Jane PASHLEY, baptised 8 Jan 1850 at Anston.
8.William ROWBOTTAM, born 7 Aug 1808, baptised 18 Aug 1808 at Anston; married to Anne CHAMPION.

Sixth Generation   (5)

9.Rachel Mary ROWBOTTAM, born 24 Jan 1834 Todwick, baptised 23 Feb 1834 at Anston.   She married Sampson BAKEWELL aged 70 (son of George BAKEWELL, Farmer of Kegworth) a Farmer and widower born c1799, on 3 Aug 1869 at Kegworth by licence by Joseph Clark, Rector.   He died before the 1881 census where she is at 4 Bridge St., Court B, Loughborough, Leicestershire, a Seamstress using the name Mary, widow with her two daughters and Fanny ROWBOTTOM, probably her sister but described as a boarder "aged 28".
iRachel Annie, born Jun Qtr 1872 at Kegworth, Leicestershire.
iiEmily, born Jun Qtr 1874 at Kegworth, Leicestershire.
10.Thomas ROWBOTTAM, born 13 Jun 1835, baptised 23 Jul 1835 at Anston.   He married Susannah TRAVIS Mar Qtr 1859 at Islington, Middx.   She was born Dec Qtr 1840 at Lincoln and died 28 Oct 1912, buried at Anston (of Vine Cottage, Anston).   They were living at 39 Marriot Road, Isleworth in 1881 census with children ii, iii & v; he was a Railway Clerk.   Thomas died 26 Feb 1925 at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex (of Hazeldene, Belfairs Drive) and said to be buried at Anston.   He made a will in 1922.
iThomas John Edward, born Mar Qtr 1860 at Islington.   Still alive in 1922 (in father's will), possibly in Bermondsey in 1929.
iiHelen Rachel, born Jun Qtr 1861 at Islington.   She married ... SHORTT after 1881.
iiiSusannah Travis, born Sep Qtr 1863 at Islington.   She married ... ELLIOTT.
ivEdgar James ??, born Jun Qtr 1872 at Islington.   Edgar is uncertain, perhaps he died young?
14.vEdith Maud, born Dec Qtr 1875 at Islington.   She married John MEDLOCK Sep Qtr 1902 at Barnet.
15.viErnest Edgar, born Jun Qtr 1881 at Islington.  
11.Anne (Annie) ROWBOTTAM, born 7 Jun 1842 at Anston, baptised 9 Oct 1842 at Anston, Yorks.   She married Henry Hill STONE, (illegitimate son of Ellen STONE), 6 Nov 1869 at Kegworth, he was born 26 May 1842 at Lichfield and baptised 7 Aug 1842 at St. Chads, Lichfield.   In the 1881 census (3rd April) she is shown as a school teacher, living at Dollman St., Yardley, Worcestershire, and Henry as a Commercial Traveller, with their two elder children.   Henry died 15 Jan 1923 at Pedmore, Worcs.   Annie died 7 Dec 1923 at Pedmore, Worcs.     View Photograph of Family     Descendants of Priscilla Stone >     Biography of Henry Hill Stone >
16.iHenry Thomas, born 3 Sep 1877 at Brighton.
iiHelen Rachel, born 22 May 1879, baptised 16 Jan 1881 at St. Johns, Sparkhill, Birmingham, living at Dolphin Road.   Much of her life she was a paid companion and housekeeper to various single ladies.   Helen died unmarried 28 Aug 1970 at St. John's Hospital, Twickenham, Middlesex.
iiiStafford, born 14 Apr 1882, an Electrical Engineer, working with cars.   He married Tellefine Louise Johannesen of Norway (daughter of Arne Johannesen) 29 Aug 1910, she died 6 May 1954 at Ashford Hospital, Middlesex.   Stafford died 12 Feb 1959 at Ashford, Middlesex, without children.
12.Joseph PASHLEY, baptised 25 July 1841 at Anston.   He married Emily, born 1851-2 at Whitwell, Derbyshire.   In the 1881 census at North & South Anston, Yorks., he was a Joiner & Wheelwright with the following children.
iJoseph W. PASHLEY, born 1871-2 at Anston, Yorks.
iiMary E. PASHLEY, born 1873-4 at Anston, Yorks.
iiiBertram R. PASHLEY, born 1878-9 at Anston, Yorks.
ivLawrence R. PASHLEY, born May 1880 at Anston, Yorks.
13.Ann PASHLEY, baptised 4 Aug 1844 at Anston.  She married ? WALKER.   She was a widow and dressmaker in the 1881 census at North & South Anston, Yorks., with the following children.
iMary E. WALKER, born 1868-9 at Anston, Yorks.
iiLilian H. WALKER, born 1871-2 at Anston, Yorks.
iiiJoseph P. WALKER, born 1876-7 at Anston, Yorks.

Seventh Generation   (4)

14.Edith Maud ROWBOTTAM, born Dec Qtr 1875 at Islington.   She married John MEDLOCK Sep Qtr 1902 at Barnet.
Children - uncertain:
iAnnie Travis MEDLOCK, born Sep Qtr 1903 at Edmonton.
iidaughter ? MEDLOCK married 1929.
iiiHelen Grace MEDLOCK, born Sep Qtr 1906 at Edmonton.   She married ... CARTRIGHT Jun Qtr 1935 at Coventry.
ivLilian Vera ? MEDLOCK, born 1908
vJohn W. ? MEDLOCK, born 1910 at Edmonton.
viDorothy P. ? MEDLOCK, born 1910
viiGladys M. MEDLOCK, born Sep Qtr 1912 at Cardiff.
viiiDonald MEDLOCK, born Dec Qtr 1914 at Cardiff.   He married ... WALTERS Jun Qtr 1940 Dudley.
ixDouglas K. MEDLOCK, born Jun Qtr 1920 at Eccleshall, Staffs.   He married ... GRIFFITH Jun Qtr 1942, Birmingham.
15.Ernest Edgar ROWBOTTAM, born Jun Qtr 1881 at Islington.   He was a Railway Clerk.   He married ... ? Sep Qtr 1903 at Worksop.
iCecil Ernest born Dec Qtr 1904 at Edmonton.   He married Grace AGER Jun Qtr 1935 at Rochford, Essex.   No children found (before 1949).
16.Henry Thomas STONE, born 3 Sep 1877 at 4 Devonshire St., Brighton, Sussex.   He was a Pork Butcher.   He married Lilian May JONES, (daughter of William Edward JONESa Cabinet Maker and Sarah Ann Isabella Hodgetts), 31 May 1909 at Balsall Heaath, Birmingham.   She was born 28 Apr 1881 at 60 Union St., Stourbridge, Worcs. and died 28 Jun 1976 at Langthorne Hospital, Leytonstone, London E11.   Henry died 25 Apr 1928 at 33 Broad St., Bath, asphyxiation from Coal Gas Poisoning (there being no evidence as to the cause).   Biography of Henry Thomas Stone >
iHenry Gilbert Thomas STONE, born 16 Aug 1909 at Bath, Somerset; baptised 26 Dec 1909 at Pedmore, Worcs.
iiDoris, twin, born and died 3 Jan 1913
iiiGladys, twin born 3 Jan 1913, died 4 Jan 1913
Information provided by HGT Stone, 7th Generation by RM Stone and 1881 census by GT Stone.       Author's ancestors are shown in red.

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