Scarnell CARNELL Family History

This page is about the SCARNELL surname, and descendants of John Scarnel and Margaret Eade from Suffolk.    Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.

The following table is in sections by generation.   The chart is read from left to right with the earliest generation at the left and the youngest children at the top.   Numbered links to the next section are shown to the right if there are more descendants.   The numbers themselves have no significance, other than their position in the entire Stone family tree.   At the top of each section to the left is a numbered link to the earlier generations, where applicable.Chart Information

<542                   Descendants of John SCARNEL and Margaret EADE       m 26 Dec 1781
Generation         765
| bp 24 Sep 1782 Kelsdale [IGI]
||- Henry SCARNELL
|| b 11 Apr 1789 Kelsdale Suffolk
|| bp 12 Apr 1789 Kelsdale (priv)
|| received into church 30 May 1790
b 11 Apr 1789 Kelsdale Suffolk
bp 12 Apr 1789 Kelsdale [IGI]
bu 18 Jul 1789
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