RICHES Family History

  Descendants of John Riches

Note:~ The first few generations are prior to parish registers and therefore there are no official records of baptisms.   Wills have been used where possible.   Much of the data has been taken from Herald's Visitations which cannot be relied on for accuracy.   This decendancy report is presented as the best guess to fit the available information.   The alternative spelling Richers was often used, though for simplicity the later name Riches has ben used throughout.

1st Generation

1.John Riches, b. c1470 married Frances? Stapleton.
2.iHenry b. c1493.
(other children not known)

Second Generation

2. Henry Riches, b. c1493 married Cicely Tills.
3.iHenry b. c1518.
4.iiThomas b. c1522.
5.iiiRobert b. c1524.
ivFrances Riches, b. c1525, Swannington. She married Edmund Coshin, m. 2 Aug 1543, in Swannington, Norfolk, b. Hingham, Norfolk.

Third Generation

3. Henry Riches, b. c1518, Swannington, Norfolk. He married Elizabeth Appleton, m. 22 Feb 1541, in Swannington, Norfolk, b. Lynnterston, Suffolk, (daughter of Richard Appleton).
iElizabeth Riches, baptized 21 Jan 1542, Swannington, Norfolk.
iiElizabeth Riches, baptized 28 Sep 1543, Swannington, Norfolk.
iiiFrances Riches, baptized 14 Oct 1544, Swannington, Norfolk.
ivAnn Riches, baptized 16 Dec 1545, Swannington, Norfolk.
viUrsula Riches, baptized 26 Oct 1548, Swannington, Norfolk.
viiFrances Riches, baptized 3 Jan 1550, Swannington, Norfolk. She married Thomas Gawdye, m. 22 Sep 1567, in Swannington.
viiiWilliam Riches, baptized 27 Dec 1552, Swannington, Norfolk.
ixElizabeth Riches, baptized 18 May 1554, Swannington, Norfolk. She married William Pell, m. 18 Jul 1580, in Swannington, buried: 28 Jan 1636, Dersingham.
xHenry Riches, baptized 3 Nov 1555, Swannington, Norfolk.
xiHenry Riches, baptized 7 Apr 1560, Swannington, Norfolk.
xiiMartha Riches, baptized 9 Nov 1561, Swannington, Norfolk. She married (1) Leonard Chamberlin, m. 21 May 1588, in Swannington, Norfolk. She married (2) William Thwaites.
xiiiBridget Riches, baptized 4 Feb 1563, Swannington, Norfolk.
4. Thomas Riches, b. c1522, Swannington, Norfolk. He married Joane Peers, m. May 1549, in Kenninghall/Redenhall (Norwich ML). Thomas buried: 3 May 1563, Runham, Norfolk.
7.iThomas b. c1550.
8.iiJoane b. c1552.
iiiDorothy Riches, baptized 9 Jun 1555, Runham, Norfolk.
ivRobert Riches, baptized 27 Mar 1558, Runham, Norfolk.
vJohn Riches, b. c1556, In father's will 1563, occupation Vicar of Stalham 1592, & Brumstead 1603, buried: 6 Jan 1624/5, Stalham, Norfolk.
5. Robert Riches, b. c1524, Swannington, Norfolk. He married Elizabeth Cartwright, m. c1551, (daughter of Edmund Cartwright). Robert died 17 Feb 1587/8, Wrotham, Kent.
9.iJohn b. c 1552.
iiFrances Riches, b. Wrotham, Kent.
iiiMary Riches. She married Robert Houghton, m. 19 Feb 1579/80, in Wrotham, Kent, occupation Judge of the Queen's Bench.
ivCicely Riches, b. Wrotham, Kent. She married Ralph Pope, m. 26 Apr 1585, in Wrotham, Kent, occupation Gentleman. Cicely died by Feb 1588/9?, not in father's will.
vSusan Riches, b. Wrotham Kent. She married Henry Holditch, m. 2 Nov 1589, in Wrotham, Kent.
viAudrey Riches, b. Wrotham, Kent. She married George Moulton, m. 14 May 1574, in Wrotham, Kent.

Fourth Generation

6. Edmund Riches, baptized 31 Jan 1546/7, Swannington, Norfolk. He married (1) Elizabeth Bedingfield, m. 22 May 1570, in Swannington, Norfolk. He married (2) Frances Playter, m. c1594, (daughter of William Playter). Edmund died 1601, Swannington.
iiAmy Riches, baptized 13 Dec 1573, Swannington, Norfolk. She married Thomas Taverner, m. 1599, in Ranworth.
iiiHenry Riches, baptized 12 Nov 1575, Swannington, Norfolk.
ivKatherine Riches, baptized 24 Jan 1579, Swannington, Norfolk.
vRichard Riches, baptized 9 Apr 1584, Swannington, Norfolk, buried: 9 Apr 1584, Swannington.
viFrances Riches, b. c1595, Swannington?
7. Thomas Riches, b. c1550, Barnby/Carlton (Colville) Suffolk, baptized In father's will 1563. He married Unknown Woolfe.
11.iWilliam b. c1580.
8. Joane Riches, b. c1552, In father's will 1563. She married Unknown Hewitt.
iJohn Hewitt.
iiThomas Hewitt.
9. John Riches, b. c 1552, Wrotham, Kent. He married Elizabeth Dericott, m. 26 Dec 1581, in Wrotham, Kent, d. 1599, Wrotham, Kent, buried: 11 Apr 1599, Wrotham. John died Swannington?
iHenry Riches, baptized 2 Dec 1582, Wrotham, Kent.
iiRobert Riches, baptized 1 Dec 1583, Wrotham. He married Mary Payne, m. 1 Sep 1614, in Swannington, Norfolk.
iiiThomas Riches, baptized 19 Mar 1585/6, Wrotham.
vFrances Riches, baptized 14 Feb 1590/1, Wrotham, Kent. She married Nicholas Robert, m. 27 Dec 1609, in Swannington Norfolk.
viEdmund Riches, baptized 29 May 1592, Wrotham.
viiWilliam Riches, baptized 10 Jun 1593, Wrotham. He married Ann Eckars, m. 22 Oct 1616, in Swannington, Norfolk.
viiiPercival Riches, baptized 2 Feb 1594/5, Wrotham.

Fifth Generation

10. Elizabeth Riches, baptized 10 Jun 1571, Swannington, Norfolk. She married Richard Bendish, m. 5 Nov 1594, in Swannington. Elizabeth died by 1601, not in father's will.
iEdmund Bendish, b. c1595, Congham Norfolk, baptized Congham, Norfolk.
11. William Riches, b. c1580. He married Margaret Wade, m. c1615, b. South Lopham, Norfolk, (daughter of Thomas Wade). William died 30 Oct 1624, Stalham, Norfolk "aged 64".
iElizabeth Riches, baptized 11 Aug 1616, Walcott, Norfolk.
iiiKatherine Riches, baptized 19 May 1622, Walcott, Norfolk.
12. Elizabeth Riches, baptized 17 Aug 1589, Wrotham, Kent. She married Martin Calthorpe, m. 22 Sep 1608, in Swannington, Norfolk, (son of Martin Calthorpe and Elizabeth Smith) baptized 13 Jan 1582, St Peter le Poer, London, d. 24 Dec 1657, Hickling, Norfolk, buried: 26 Dec 1657, Hickling.
14.iMargaret b. c1609.
15.iiJohn b. c1611.
16.iiiMartin b. c1613.
ivGeorge Calthorpe, b. c1615, Hickling?, buried: 25 May 1673, Hickling?
vHenry Calthorpe, b. c1615, Hickling Hall?, d. St Botolph Bishopsgate, London?
viBertram Calthorpe, b. c1618, Hickling?
viiRichard Calthorpe, baptized 19 July 1620, St Martin, Norwich.

Sixth Generation

13. John Riches, baptized 24 Jun 1619, Walcott, Norfolk. He married Katherine Watts, m. c1640, buried: 24 Dec 1645, Stalham, Norfolk. John died 1 Apr 1688, Stalham "aged 69".
iMargaret Riches, b. c1641. She married Martin Puckle, m. c1656, (son of Samuel Puckle and Margaret Calthorpe) baptized 5 Aug 1632, St Michael Goslany, Norwich, occupation Freeman of Hosiers' Co & Merchant of Norwich, d. April 1721, High Street, Whitechapel, Middx, buried: 16 Apr 1721, St Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middx. Margaret died 19 Aug 1678, buried: 22 Aug 1678, Stalham.
14. Margaret Calthorpe, b. c1609, Hickling?. She married Samuel Puckle, m. 3 Apr 1625, in St Stephen, Norwich, (son of Samuel Puckle and Anne/Agnes Paine) baptized 5 Apr 1590, St Margaret, Lowestoft, occupation Member of Grocers' Co. Alderman & Mayor of Norwich, d. 22 August 1661, Stalham, Norfolk, buried: 23 August 1661, Stalham. Margaret buried: 11 Jul 1666, Stalham, Norfolk.
iElizabeth Puckle, baptized 2 Nov 1626, St Michael Goslany, Norwich. She married Revd Timothy Armitage, m. c1646, in Norwich, b. c1617, occupation Lecturer at St Michael Coslany, Norwich, d. Dec 1655, Norwich. Elizabeth died by Sep 1710, not in brother Daniel's will.
iiSamuel Puckle, baptized 6 May 1628, St Michael, Goslany, Norwich, d. before 1661, not in father's will.
iiiEdward Puckle, baptized 28 June 1629, St Michael Goslany, Norwich, d. 1650 - 1661, not in father's will.
ivMargaret Puckle, baptized 26 Dec 1630, St Michael, Goslany, Norwich, d. before 1661, not in father's will.
vMartin Puckle, baptized 5 Aug 1632, St Michael Goslany, Norwich, occupation Freeman of Hosiers' Co & Merchant of Norwich. He married Margaret Riches, m. c1656, b. c1641, (daughter of John Riches and Katherine Watts) d. 19 Aug 1678, buried: 22 Aug 1678, Stalham,. Martin died April 1721, High Street, Whitechapel, Middx, buried: 16 Apr 1721, St Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middx.
viJames Puckle, baptized 8 October 1633, St Michael Goslaney, Norwich. He married Elizabeth Burton, m. c 1659. James died by Sep 1710.
viiThomas Puckle, baptized 4 Jan 1634, St George Colgate, Norwich, d. by 1640.
viiiJohn Puckle, baptized 9 June 1636, Stalham, Norfolk, buried: 14 June 1640, Stalham.
ixThomas Puckle, baptized 14 May 1638, Stalham, occupation Merchant of East India & Levant Co's, Master of Ironmongers' Co 1698. He married (1) Mary. He married (2) Mary Stonier, m. 14 Nov 1695, in All Hallows London Wall, London, d. 1708. He married (3) Rebecca ?, m. after Mar 1708. Thomas died 1724, Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, Middx, buried: 1724, Stalham.
xSarah Puckle, baptized 24 May 1640, Wrentham, Suffolk, buried: 2 Sep 1690, St Martin at Palace, Norfolk.
xiDaniel Puckle, b. c1643, occupation Merchant of Faro, d. Sep 1711, Faro, Portugal.
15. John Calthorpe, b. c1611, Ranworth, Norfolk. He married Katherine Pell, m. 3 April 1637, in Dersingham, Norfolk, b. 1618, Dersingham, (daughter of Valentine Pell and Barbara Calthorpe) buried: 27 Jan 1681/2, Hickling, Norfolk. John died 11 May 1658, Hickling, buried: 12 May 1658, Hickling.
iCatherine Calthorpe, baptized 9 Apr 1647, Brumstead, Norfolk. She married John Husband, m. 1665, in Hickling, Norfolk.
16. Martin Calthorpe, b. c1613, Hickling Hall, Norfolk?. He married Mary.
iKatherine Calthorpe, baptized 19 Dec 1660, St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
17. Christopher Calthorpe, baptized 2 Nov 1621, St Martin at Palace, Norwich, occupation member of Girdlers' Livery Company. d. Aug 1673, of fever, buried: 23 Aug 1673, St Giles Cripplegate, London.
iMartin Calthorpe, baptized 16 July 1661, St Matthew Friday Street, London.
iiJohn Calthorpe, baptized 26 July 1662, St Matthew Friday Street, London, d. April 1663, buried: 1 May 1663, St Giles Cripplegate, London.
iiiElizabeth Calthorpe, baptized 13 Feb 1664, St Matthew Friday Street, London.
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