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This page is primarily about the PUCKLE surname, descendants and connected families from Vincent Puckle of Lydd, born Appledore about 1530.    Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.   If you are related to Vincent Puckle then please update these details.   GeoffStone@Wedmore.org.uk

Descendants of Vincent Puckle of Lydd, Kent

First Generation

1.Vincent Puckle, born Appledore, Kent, Butcher & Freeman of Lydd in 1573.   He married (1) Johane Kendal 1558 (2) Johane Kentwood 9 Jun 1572 Lydd. (3) Rachel Cothing widow 21 Jun 1573 Lydd.   Vincent was buried 21 Jan 1608 at Lydd, Kent.

Second Generation

2.Robert Puckle, baptised 15 July 1575 Lydd, Kent; Butcher & Jurat.   He married (1) Agnes Symes c 1597 Bekesbourne. (2) Mary Adams 17 Oct 1603 Lydd.   Robert was buried Lydd 21 Oct 1630.
iVincent, born 1605 and died 1630.

Third Generation

3.John Puckle, baptised 25 Sep 1614 Lydd.   He married Sarah c 1643 who was buried 8 May 1655 at Lydd.   John died c 1682.   Will proved 1 May 1682.
iRichard, born 1644 died 1687; married Mary Ansell 1669.   Will.
iiiRobert, born 1672, died 1678.
ivSarah, buried 30 Aug 1678.

Fourth Generation

4.John Puckle, born c1647 Brookland, occupation .   He married Winifred May 6 Dec 1670 Brookland, her will proved 1680.   John was buried 6 May 1675 Brookland, Kent; will proved 1675.
iiMary, baptised 7 May 1673 Brookland; married Richard Payne 1697.

Fifth Generation

5.John Puckle, born about 1669 Brookland; Grazier & churchwarden 1703.   He married Mary Reynolds Oct 1694 by licence.   John was buried 1 Jul 1703 Icklesham, Sussex.
iiRichard, born 1698, died 1708.

Sixth Generation

6.John Puckle, baptised 25 Dec 1696 Icklesham, Grazier, Churchwarden 1721 & Jurat of Winchelsea.   He married (1) Frances Curtis 30 May 1721 by licence (2) Elizabeth c1729.   John was buried 6 Jan 1747 Icklesham.
iThomas, baptised 1771/2, married Mary Hovendean 1756.
iiMary, baptised 1723, married Andrew James 1751.
iiiJohn,died as infant.
vWilliam, born 1726, died 1727.
viFrances, born 1727, died 1733.
viiWilliam, died as infant.
ixEdmund Robert, born 1740, died 1770.

Seventh Generation

7.John Puckle, , baptised 2 Sep 1725 Icklesham, Sussex.   He married Elizabeth Scoones 22 Aug 1749 Tonbridge, Kent.   John was buried 2 Apr 1804 Hythe, Kent.
iJohn, born 1750, died 1819, married Mary Mills 1775.
iiThomas, born 1752, died 1814, married Catherine Driffield 1786.
viiiWilliam, born 1762, died 1826, married Ann Brady 1794.

Eighth Generation

8.Robert Puckle, baptised 2 Aug 1758 Hythe, Kent; Draper in Cornhill, London.   He married Isabella Maria Nucella 20 May 1786 St Edmund King & Martyr, London.   Robert died 13 Dec 1832 Camberwell, S. London.
iiMaria, born 1788, died 1860.
iiiHarriet, born 1790, married Richard Mills 1823.
ivRobert, born 1791, died 1847, married Emily Feilde 1815.
vMagdalena Sophia, born 1793, died 1847, married Caleb Field.
viCharlotte, born 1796, died 1860, married Dr John Moore 1833.
viiiTimothy Charles
9.ixEdward Cannington
xGeorge, born 1800, married Eliza Ann Pocklington 1830.
xiAnn, born 1802, died 1862.
xiiCharles, born 1804, died 1826.

Ninth Generation

9.Edward Cannington Puckle, born 2 Jan 1800, baptised 23 Oct 1800; Church of England Clergyman.   He married Elizabeth Sarah Smith 1 Jun 1830 Kennington, S.London.   They arrived in New Zealand 1850 & Australia 1854.   Edward was buried 18 Aug 1898 Melbourne General Cemetery, Australia.
iEdward Dale, born 1835, died 1898.
iiWalter Summers, born 1838, married Kate Glass Millar.
10.iiiSydney Mills
ivMary Shaw, born 1843, died 1932.
vCharles Murray, born 1846, died 1916, married Caroline Amelia Shuter 1887.
viKeel, died in New Zealand.

Tenth Generation

10.Sydney Mills Puckle, born 26 Jul 1840 Highgate, Middlesex; Bank Manager.   He married Amelia Smith 2 Apr 1866 St Thomas, Moonee Ponds, Australia.   Sydney was buried 19 Jan 1878 Melbourne Cemetery.
11.iHerbert Sydney
iiLouisa Mary Summers, born 1868, married Horace Arthur Burton 1888.
iiiFlorence Isabel, born 1870, died 1956, married Robert Shears 1890
12.ivArthur Murray
vLeslie Vernon, born 1875, married Annie Wilson 1905.
viHorace Stanley, born 1876, died 1940, married Mary Emily Robbins 1905.

Eleventh Generation

11.Herbert Sydney Puckle, born 1867 Melbourne, Victoria; Accountant.   He married Edith Alice Tindall 26 Jan 1897 St George‚Äôs, Paddington, NSW, Australia.   Herbert was buried 1927 Old Cheltenham Cemetery Pioneer Section..
iMinnie Amelia, born 1897, died 1902.
13.iiLouisa May, born 1899, died 1981, married William Henry Richard Thomas.
iiiJohn Sydney, born 1901, died 1917.
ivHerbert Vernon, born 1903, died 1996, married Phyllis Hope Vivian.
vEdward Alfred, born 1907, died 1991, married Gladys May Inkson.
viMary Gertrude Grace, born 1909, died 1996, married Walter John Goodall 1930.
viiEdith Elizabeth, born 1912, died 2003, married Christopher Coulbourne Joy.
12.Arthur Murray Puckle, born 1872 Essendon, Melbourne.   He married Laura May Tindall.   Arthur died 1912 Sydney.
iSydney Murray, born 1901, died 1951, married Eva Smith 1936
iiLaura May, born 1903, died 1944, married Edward L.Lorraine 1921
iiiJack Leslie, born 1906, died ?, married Ethel May Puckeridge

Twelth Generation

13.Louisa May Puckle, born 1899.   She married William Henry Richard Thomas.   Louisa died 1981.
iliving daughter
iiliving daughter
iiiliving daughter
14.ivliving daughter, married

Thirteenth Generation

14.youngest daughter, married.
14.iliving son, married
iiliving daughter
iiiliving daughter
ivliving son
vliving daughter

Fourteenth Generation

15.eldest son, married.
iliving daughter, married with three children.
iiliving son

With acknowledgement and thanks to John & Mavis Goodall who provided this information and to David Cameron for generations 12-14.

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