UCKLE Family History

This page is primarily about the PUCKLE surname, descendants and connected families from Thomas Puckle of Lewes, born about 1500.    Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.   If you are related to Thomas Puckle then please update these details.   GeoffStone@Wedmore.org.uk

The Descendants of Thomas Puckle Stonemason of Lewes

1st Generation

1.Thomas Puckle, born c1500, occupation Stone-mason.   He married Unknown.   Thomas died before 1565, Lewes, Sussex
2.iRobert born c 1523.
3.ii.John born c 1533.
4.iii.Edmond born c 1535.

Next Generation

2.Robert Puckle, born c 1523, Lewes, Sussex, occupation Freemason (Stonemason).   He married Margaret Eland, married c1544, born c1528, Cratfield, Suffolk, (daughter of Gabriel Eland). Robert buried: 8 Apr 1599, St Margaret, Rottingdean, Sussex.
iiElizabeth Puckle, baptized 5 Aug 1546, St Stephen Coleman Street, London.
viiWilliam Puckle, born c1554, London, died after 1605.
viiiSarah Puckle, baptized 2 Oct 1558, St Stephen Coleman Street, London, died after 1605.
10.ixMargaret born c 1560.
xRichard Puckle, born c1564, London, died after 1605.
3.John Puckle, born c 1533, Lewes, occupation Yeoman & Merchant.   He married (1) Barbara Page, married 1559, in Lewes.   He married (2) Thomasine Mabbe, married 10 Feb 1593/4, in Archdeaconry of Lewes ML (widow), died 1610, buried: 1 May 1610, All Saints, Lewes.   John died 23 June1606, Lewes, buried: 25 June 1606, All Saints, Lewes.
11.iJohn born c 1561.
12.iiEdmund born c 1565.
4.Edmond Puckle, born c 1535, Lewes, occupation Freeman of Merchant Taylors' Company.   He married Joane Coppinger, married 29 Jul 1565, in St Dunstan in the East, London. Edmond died 1589.
iWilliam Puckle, baptized 17 Sep 1566, St Dunstan in the East, occupation Freeman of Merchant Taylors' Company, died 1592, St Mary at Hill.
iiThomas Puckle, baptized 5 Nov 1567, St Dunstan in the East, London.
iii? Puckle, born c1570, buried: 8 Jul 1570, St Dunstan in the East, London.
vElizabeth Puckle, baptized 25 Oct 1576, St Dunstan in the East, London.
viArthur Puckle, baptized 18 Sep 1582, St Dunstan in the East, London, occupation Leatherseller.   He married Mary Springham, married 29 May 1615, in St Martin Pomeroy, London.   Arthur died 1617.

Next Generation

5.Robert Puckle, baptized 18 Jan 1545/6, Cratfield, Suffolk, occupation Merchant.   He married Anne Page, married 19 Feb 1570, in St Dunstan in the East, London, died 1576/7, buried: 21 Jan 1576/7, St Dunstan in the East.   Robert buried: 17 Jul 1596, St Saviour, Dartmouth, Devon.
iThomas Puckle, baptized 3 Aug 1573, St Dunstan in the East, London.
iiEdmond Puckle, baptized 19 Oct 1575.
iiiJohn Puckle, baptized 5 Nov 1581, St Dunstan in the East, London.
ivWilliam Puckle, baptized 15 Sep 1583, St Dunstan in the East, London.
vRobert Puckle, baptized 16 Jul 1585, St Dunstan in the East,London.
viAlexander Puckle, baptized 2 June 1587, St Dunstan in the East, London.
viiHenry Puckle, baptized 24 Dec 1588, St Dunstan in the East, London.
6.Gabriel Puckle, baptized 11 Jul 1548, St Stephen Coleman St, London.   He married Agnes, married c1592.   Gabriel buried: 23 Aug 1593, St Mary Abchurch, London.
iGabriel Puckle, baptized 16 Jan 1593/4, St Mary Abchurch, London.   He married Elizabeth Morley.   Gabriel died after 1619.
7.Anne Puckle, baptized 7 July 1549, St Stephen Coleman Street, London.   She married John Jennings, married c 1584, occupation Freemason.   Anne died after 1593.
iElizabeth Jennings, baptized Sep 1585, St Dunstan in the East.
iiWilliam Jennings, baptized 25 Oct 1586.
iiiMargaret Jennings, baptized 10 Sep 1587, St Dunstan in the East.
ivJohn Jennings, baptized 17 Aug 1589, St Clement Eastcheap.
vGabriel Jennings, baptized 24 Oct 1590, St Clement Eastcheap, London.
viSarah Jennings, baptized 28 Jan 1591, St Clement Eastcheap, London.
8.George Puckle, baptized 24 May 1551, St Stephen Coleman St, London, occupation Freeman of Merchant Taylors' Company.   He married Unknown, married c 1568, in London?   George died 1578, buried: 6 Sep 1578, All Saints, Lewes.<
iMary Puckle, born 1569, baptized 6 Jan 1569, St Dunstan in the East, London.
9.Samuel Puckle, baptized 18 Dec 1552, St Stephen Coleman St, London, occupation Freeman of Merchant Taylors' Company.   He married Anne/Agnes Paine, married 9 May 1583, in Lowestoft, (daughter of Richard Paine and Joan) baptized 24 June 1565, Lowestoft, Suffolk.   Samuel died 1596, Lowestoft, Suffolk, buried: 25 October 1596, St Margaret, Lowestoft.
iJoan Puckle, baptized 26 Dec 1583, St Margaret, Lowestoft, died 1584, buried: 10 Sep 1584, Lowestoft.
iiMarye Puckle, baptized 25 Feb 1585/6, St Margaret, Lowestoft, died 25 Feb 1585/6, Lowestoft, buried: 25 Feb 1585/6, St Margaret, Lowestoft.
vGabriel Puckle, baptized 25 Feb 1590/1, St Margaret, Lowestoft, died Sep 1647, overseas.
viJoan Puckle, baptized 26 Dec 1592, St Margaret, Lowestoft.   She married Edward Littlewood, married 1620, in Ludham.
viiMary Puckle, born c 1594, Lowestoft.   She married John Baxter, married 1615, in Starston, Norfolk.   Mary died after 1616.
10.Margaret Puckle, born c 1560, London.   She married John Cole, married 7 Feb 1588, in Lewes, Sussex, died 1611, Rottingdean.   Margaret died after 1605.
iGabriel Cole, baptized 2 Sep 1589, St Margaret, Rottingdean, Sussex.
iiJohn Cole, baptized 1 Mar 1590, St Margaret, Rottingdean.
iiiSarah Cole, baptized 30 Jul 1592, Rottingdean.
ivJohn Cole, baptized 1 Mar 1593/4, Rottingdean.
vRobert Cole, baptized 9 Feb 1594/5, Rottingdean.
viElizabeth Cole, baptized 22 Aug 1596, Rottingdean.
11.John Puckle, born c 1561, School Hill, Lewes, Sussex.   He married Sarah Mabbe, married 27 Sep 1586, in All Saints, Lewes.   John buried: 20 Oct 1605, All Saints, Lewes.
iJohn Puckle, baptized 26 Oct 1587, All Saints, Lewes, died by 1589.
12.Edmund Puckle, born c 1565, School Hill, Lewes, occupation probably a merchant like his father & uncle.   He married Richorde Lydstone, married 23 Nov 1590, in St Saviour, Dartmouth, Devon, born 1572, Stoke Fleming, baptized 11 Oct 1572, Stoke Fleming, Devon.   Edmund died 1634, Dartmouth, Devon, buried: 29 Apr 1634, St Saviour, Dartmouth.
iiBarbara Puckle, baptized 9 Oct 1592, St Saviour, Dartmouth, died 1592, Dartmouth, buried: 1592, St Saviour, Dartmouth (I omitted date).
iiiBarbara Puckle, baptized 11 Mar 1593/4, St Saviour, Dartmouth.   She married John Whittick, married 30 Apr 1619, in Kingswear, Devon.
ivRichard Puckle, baptized 11 Jan 1595/6, St Saviour, Dartmouth, occupation Mariner of Ship "Diamond", died 1627.
20.vJoane born c1597.
viWilliam Puckle, baptized 16 Sep 1599, St Saviour, Dartmouth, died after June1606.
viiEdward Puckle, baptized 1 Mar 1602, All Saints, Lewes, died after June 1606.
viiiLucie Puckle, baptized 7 Oct 1604, Buxted, Sussex.   She married Richard Purlevent, married 13 Jul 1630, in St Katherine by the Tower, London.   Lucie died after 1630.
13.Thomas Puckle, baptized 27 Oct 1567, All Saints, Lewes.   He married Agnes Fuller, married 3 May 1606, in (ML) Hawkhurst.   Thomas buried: 29 Oct 1610, All Saints, Lewes.
21.iThomas born c 1607.
iiElizabeth Puckle, born c 1608, Southover.   She married Thomas Luxford, married 26 June 1637, in Hailsham, Sussex.
iiiInfant Puckle, born 1610, Agnes was pregnant at time of will.
14.Anne Puckle, baptized 11 Oct 1573, St Dunstan in the East, Stepney.   She married John Goodfellow, married 10 Jan 1591, in St Mary Abbots, Kensington.
iThomas Goodfellow, baptized 20 May 1593, St Lawrence Jewry, died before Mar 1604.
iiJohn Goodfellow, baptized 5 Jun 1594, St Lawrence Jewry.
iiiEdward Goodfellow, baptized 2 Jan 1596/7, St Lawrence Jewry.
ivAllen Goodfellow, baptized 12 Aug 1599, St Lawrence Jewry, died 1638.
vMartin Goodfellow, baptized 26 Nov 1600, St Lawrence Jewry.
viRichard Goodfellow, baptized 13 Dec 1601, St Lawrence Jewry, died before May 1617.
viiThomas Goodfellow, baptized 4 Mar 1604, St Lawrence Jewry.
viiiAnn Goodfellow, born c1595, died after May 1617.
ixChristopher Goodfellow, born c1606, died after May 1617.
xWilliam Goodfellow, baptized 10 Jul 1608, St Lawrence Jewry.
xiElizabeth Goodfellow, baptized 16 Feb 1612, St Lawrence Jewry.
xiiArthur Goodfellow, baptized 19 Sep 1613, St Lawrence Jewry, died before May 1617.
xiiiMary Goodfellow, baptized 23 Jul 1615, St Lawrence Jewry.

Next Generation

15.Richard Puckle, baptized 2 June 1588, St Margaret, Lowestoft.   He married (1) Elizabeth Loveland, married c 1626, born c1600, (daughter of John Loveland and Mary) buried: 3 Mar 1619/20, St Benedict Norwich.   He married (2) Deborah ?, married c 1626. Richard buried: 1658, St Benedict, Norwich.
iJohn Puckle, baptized 29 June 1619, St Benedict, Norwich, occupation Apprenticed to George Sallye baker of Norwich.
iiRichard Puckle, baptized 22 Jun 1627, St Benedict, Norwich.   He married (1) ?Jane Bucke, married 23 Oct 1651, in St Michael at Plea, Norwich.   He married (2) Elizabeth ?, buried: 27 Nov 1673, St Margaret, Norwich.   Richard died after Dec 1706.
vDeborah Puckle, baptized 6 Mar 1633, St Benedict, Norwich.
viDaniel Puckle, baptized 10 Nov 1635, St Benedict, Norwich. nbsp; Died by 1640.
viiDaniel Puckle, baptized 2 Aug 1640, St Benedict, Norwich, buried: 1724, Bunhill Fields?.
viiiSamuel Puckle, born Norwich, died after 8 Apr 1665.
16.Samuel Puckle, baptized 5 Apr 1590, St Margaret, Lowestoft, occupation Member of Grocers' Co. Alderman & Mayor of Norwich.   He married (1) Elizabeth, married 23 Apr 1611, in St Michael Coslany, Norwich, buried: 22 Nov 1612, St Michael Coslany.   He married (2) Mary Halback, married 10 April 1615, in St Andrew, Norwich, buried: 26 Dec 1623, St Mary Coslany, Norwich.   He married (3) Margaret Calthorpe, married 3 Apr 1625, in St Stephen, Norwich, born c1609, Hickling?, (daughter of Martin Calthorpe and Elizabeth Riches) buried: 11 Jul 1666, Stalham, Norfolk.   Samuel died 22 August 1661, Stalham, Norfolk, buried: 23 August 1661, Stalham.
iAnn Puckle, baptized 11 April 1617, St Mary Coslany, Norwich.   She married Ambrose Goose.   Ann died after 1661, in father's will.
iiMartha Puckle, baptized 31 Oct 1619, St Mary Coslany, Norwich, died before April 1661.
viSamuel Puckle, baptized 6 May 1628, St Michael, Goslany, Norwich, died before 1661, not in father's will.
viiEdward Puckle, baptized 28 June 1629, St Michael Goslany, Norwich, died 1650 - 1661, not in father's will.
viiiMargaret Puckle, baptized 26 Dec 1630, St Michael, Goslany, Norwich, died before 1661, not in father's will.
xiThomas Puckle, baptized 4 Jan 1634, St George Colgate, Norwich, died by 1640.
xiiJohn Puckle, baptized 9 June 1636, Stalham, Norfolk, buried: 14 June 1640, Stalham.
xivSarah Puckle, baptized 24 May 1640, Wrentham, Suffolk, buried: 2 Sep 1690, St Martin at Palace, Norfolk.
xvDaniel Puckle, born c1643, occupation Merchant of Faro, died Sep 1711, Faro, Portugal.
17.Anne Puckle, baptized 25 Jan 1595/6, St Margaret Lowestoft.   She married Leonard Gleane, born c1594, died 26 Oct 1654, buried: 27 Oct 1654, Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk.   Anne died 1670.
iMaud Gleane.   She married (1) John Sharbury.   She married (2) Robert Horner.
iiElizabeth Gleane, died 1657.
iiiAnne Gleane.   She married (1) Roger Ward.   She married (2) William Oldfield.
18.John Puckle, baptized 27 Feb 1589, All Saints, Lewes, occupation Admitted to Middle Temple.   He married Anne ?, married 1607.
iJohn Puckle, baptized 4 Aug 1612, Ringmer, buried: 6 Aug 1612, Ringmer, Sussex.
19.John Puckle, baptized 13 July 1591, St Saviour, Dartmouth, occupation mariner.   He married Mary Trewhella, married 29 Jun 1613, in St Thomas a Becket, Kingswear, Devon, died by 1638. John died 1638.
iBarbara Puckle, baptized 4 Apr 1614, St Thomas a Becket, Kingswear, Devon.   She married Nicholas Treworgy, married 17 Aug 1634, in Kingswear, Devon.
iiMary Puckle, baptized 5 Sep 1616, St Thomas a Becket, Kingswear, Devon.
iiiRichoard Puckle, baptized 4 Feb 1618/19, St Thomas a Becket, Kingswear, Devon.
ivMartha Puckle, born c1620, Kingswear, Devon.   She married John Pentecost, married 9 Oct 1649, in St Saviour, Dartmouth, baptized 6 Sep 1607, Laughton, Sussex.
30.vElizabeth born c 1625.
20.Joane Puckle, born c1597, Lewes or Dartmouth.   She married Thomas Terry, married 2 Jan 1614, in St Petrox, Dartmouth, baptized 25 July 1590, Charleton, Devon.   Joane died after 1620.
iJohn Terry, born 29 Oct 1615, baptized 29 Oct 1615, Charleton, Devon.
iiLuce Terry, baptized 28 Sep 1617, St Petrox, Dartmouth.
iiiBarbara Terry, baptized 14 Nov 1619, St Petrox, Dartmouth.
ivThomas Terry, born c1620, died 1620, Dartmouth, buried: 27 Apr 1620, St Petrox, Dartmouth.
vThomas Terry, baptized 20 Oct 1622, St Saviour, Dartmouth.
viAnne Terry, baptized 16 Jan 1624, St Saviour, Dartmouth.
21.Thomas Puckle, born c 1607, Southover.   He married Mary Tourle, married 30 Oct 1632, in St John Sub Castro, Lewes, died 1670, buried: 2 Jan 1670, St John sub Castro.   Thomas died 1664/5, Lewes, buried: 20 March 1664/5, St John sub Castro.
iiMary Puckle, baptized 15 May 1636, St John Sub Castro, Lewes, buried: 1 Dec 1641, All Saints, Lewes.
iiiJohn Puckle, born c1638, Lewes, buried: 1692, St Stephen Walbrook.
ivWalter Puckle, born Southover, Lewes, buried: 21 Oct 1640, All Saints, Lewes.
vEdith Puckle, born Southover, Lewes, buried: 20 Oct 1643, All Saints, Lewes.
viElizabeth Puckle, born Southover, buried: 22 Nov 1651, All Saints, Lewes.

Next Generation

22.Sarah Puckle, baptized 18 Mar 1628/9, St Benedict, Norwich.   She married Robert Rountree, married 15 Dec 1659, in St Dionis Backchurch, (son of Ralph Rountree and Elizabeth Pike) baptized 22 Jul 1638, St John Timberhill.
iRobert Rountree, baptized 17 Jun 1661, St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London.
23.Nathaniel Puckle, baptized 30 Mar 1632, St Benedict, Norwich.   He married Elizabeth ?, married c1661.   Nathaniel died c1708, Philadelphia, PA.
iMary Puckle, buried: 8 May 1662, St Christopher le Stocks, London.
iiJane Puckle, baptized 9 Dec 1665, St Christopher le Stocks, London.
iiiNathaniel Puckle.
24.William Puckle, baptized 14 Jan 1620, St Mary Coslany, Norwich, occupation Merchant & Freeman of Hosiers' Co of Norwich.   He married Mary Hutchinson, married 14 Nov 1652, in Bull Lane Independent Chapel, Stepney, (daughter of Richard Hutchinson and Mary) baptized 30 Jun 1635, St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary Magdalen Milk Street, died by 1677, not in husband's will.   William died 1677, East Indies.
iWilliam Puckle, baptized 27 Feb 1656, St Benet Fink, London, died by Dec 1659.
iiSamuel Puckle, born c 1654, died after 1674.
iiiWilliam Puckle, baptized 8 Dec 1659, St Peter le Poer, London, died after Aug 1710.
ivMary Puckle, baptized 25 Aug 1661, St Dunstan, Stepney, Middx.   She married Thomas Lane, married 23 Dec 1679, born Northants?, died 1710.   Mary died after 1710, in husband's will.
viRichard Puckle, baptized 25 Nov 1664, St Giles Cripplegate.
25.Mary Puckle, baptized 22 Dec 1622, St Mary Coslany, Norwich.   She married Francis Marshall, married 11 Nov 1652, in St Dunstan Stepney, Middx, born c1619, Yorkshire, died after 1671.   Mary died after 1671, in father's will.
iMary Marshall.
iiSarah Marshall.
iiiJudith Marshall.
26.Elizabeth Puckle, baptized 2 Nov 1626, St Michael Goslany, Norwich.   She married Revd Timothy Armitage, married c1646, in Norwich, born c1617, occupation Lecturer at St Michael Coslany, Norwich, died Dec 1655, Norwich.   Elizabeth died by Sep 1710, not in brother Daniel's will.
iTimothy Armitage, born c1647, occupation Apprenticed to uncle Thomas Puckle of Ironmongers' Co, died 1683.
iiSamuel Armitage, baptized Nov 1649, St Michael Coslany, occupation Apprenticed to Uncle Thomas Puckle - Ironmongers' Livery Co -.
iiiJohn Armitage, baptized 26 Oct 1650, St Michael Coslany.
ivSarah Armitage, baptized 14 May 1652, St Michael Coslany.   She married Jonathan Ellatson, married 2 May 1676, in St Stephen Norwich.
33.vElizabeth born c1654.
viBenomy Armitage, baptized 27 Mar 1656, St Michael Coslany.
27.Martin Puckle, baptized 5 Aug 1632, St Michael Goslany, Norwich, occupation Freeman of Hosiers' Co & Merchant of Norwich.   He married Margaret Riches, married c1656, born c1641, (daughter of John Riches and Katherine Watts) died 19 Aug 1678, buried: 22 Aug 1678, Stalham,. Martin died April 1721, High Street, Whitechapel, Middx, buried: 16 Apr 1721, St Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middx.
iMartha Puckle, born c1657, Postwick, baptized 1658, Old Meeting House, Norwich.
iiSarah Puckle, born 1658, Postwick, baptized 1658, Old Meeting House, Norwich.
iiiJohn Puckle, born c1659, Postwick?   He married Susan Thrower, married 18 Aug 1692, in St Giles, Norwich. John died by Aug 1710.
ivMary Puckle, born 1660, Postwick, Norfolk, baptized 1660, Old Meeting House, Norwich.
vMartin Puckle, born 1661?, Postwick?, buried: 15 Sep 1669, St George in Tombland, Norwich.
35.viiSamuel born by 1664.
viiiThomas Puckle, born c1664.   He married Mary Peecke, married 27 Dec 1689, in St Michael at Thorne, Norwich.
ixMargaret Puckle, born c1668, baptized Old Meeting House, Norwich, died by 1672.
xMargaret Puckle, baptized 29 May 1672, Old Meeting House Norwich.   She married Simon Browin, married 8 July 1689, in Norwich Cathedral.
28.James Puckle, baptized 8 October 1633, St Michael Goslaney, Norwich.   He married Elizabeth Burton, married c 1659.   James died by Sep 1710.
iBurton Puckle, baptized 5 Mar 1661/2, Gt Yarmouth Independent Chapel.
iiElizabeth Puckle, baptized 15 May 1660, Great Yarmouth Independent Chapel.
36.iiiJames born c1664.
ivJohn Puckle, born c1666, buried: 7 Nov 1668, St George in Tombland, Norwich.
vSamuel Puckle, baptized 27 Jan 1674, Gt Yarmouth Independent Chapel.
viElizabeth Puckle, baptized 26 April 1675, Gt Yarmouth Independent Chapel.   She married Stephen Bunn, married 1 Jan 1702, in St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich.
29.Thomas Puckle, baptized 14 May 1638, Stalham, occupation Merchant of East India & Levant Co's, Master of Ironmongers' Co 1698.   He married (1) Mary.   He married (2) Mary Stonier, married 14 Nov 1695, in All Hallows London Wall, London, died 1708.   He married (3) Rebecca ?, married after Mar 1708.   Thomas died 1724, Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, Middx, buried: 1724, Stalham.
iThomas Puckle, born c 1670.   He married Anne James, married 8 April 1705, in Ightham, (daughter of Demetrius James and Mrs James).   Thomas died 1721, buried: Ightham, Kent.
30.Elizabeth Puckle, born c 1625, Kingswear, Devon, baptized (missing 1620-56).   She married Leonard Edgecombe, married 17 Feb 1651/2, in St Saviour, Dartmouth, born Stoke Fleming?
iJohn Edgecombe, baptized 9 May 1653, St Saviour, Dartmouth.
31.Thomas Puckle, baptized 14 Nov 1633, St John Sub Castro, Lewes.   He married Mary Holmden, married 18 Aug 1659, in Limpsfield, Surrey, buried: 29 June 1694, Westerham, Kent.   Thomas died after 1689, in dispute re John Fuller's will.
iMary Puckle, baptized 12 Aug 1660, Westerham, Kent, buried: 16 Sep 1665, Westerham, Kent.
iiWilliam Puckle, baptized 22 Jun 1661, Westerham.
iiiMary Puckle, baptized 1 Sep 1667, Westerham.
ivElizabeth Puckle, baptized 12 Sep 1675, Westerham, died 1694, buried: 6 Oct 1694, Westerham, Kent.
vAnne Puckle, baptized 9 July 1677, Westerham, Kent.

Next Generation

32.Susanna Puckle, baptized 7 May 1663, St Gregory by St Paul.   She married Edward Bathurst, married 15 Sep 1690, in Faculty Office ML, died 1741.   Susanna died after 1674.
iSusanna Bathurst.
33.Elizabeth Armitage, born c1654, Norwich.   She married Robert Mann, married c1669, in see brother's will.
iElizabeth Mann, baptized 13 Jun 1670, St Andrew Norwich.
iiMary Mann, baptized 4 Sep 1671, St Andrew Norwich.
iiiRobert Mann, baptized 18 Feb 1672, St Andrew Norwich.
34.Daniel Puckle, baptized 1662, Old Meeting House, Norwich, occupation Merchant & Freeman of Ironmongers' Livery Company.   He married Eleanor Mann, married 1 Sep 1692, in St James, Clerkenwell, Middx, (daughter of Edward Mann and Martha Nicholson) baptized 12 Dec 1661, St Nicholas, Ipswich, buried: 4 Mar 1710/11, St Lawrence Pountney, London.   Daniel died May 1707, Cannon Street, London, buried: 14 May 1707, St Lawrence Pountney Churchyard, London.
38.iCatherine Riches.
iiDaniel Puckle, baptized 19 Feb 1696, St Mary Woolnoth, London, died before 1704.
iiiEllinor Puckle, baptized 27 Dec 1697, St Mary Woolnoth, London.   She married William Parkes, married 29 Jan 1718, in St Clement Danes, Westminster.
ivMartha Puckle, baptized 9 May 1699, St Lawrence Pountney, London, died 1699, buried: 20 Sep 1699, St Lawrence Pountney, churchyard.
vDaniel Puckle, baptized 20 Jul 1704, St Lawrence Pountney, London, died 1704, buried: 23 Jul 1704, St Lawrence Pountney churchyard.
35.Samuel Puckle, born by 1664, occupation Hosier & Servant.   He married Anne Young(e), married 30 Dec 1700, in Holy Trinity, Minories, London.   Samuel died April 1726, Plow Street, Whitechapel, buried: 15 Apr 1726, St Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middx.
iMartin Puckle, baptized 24 Feb 1701, St Giles Cripplegate, London, occupation Apprenticed to William Gough Citizen & Barber, died after 1717.
iiThomas Puckle, baptized July 1707, St Botolph, Aldgate, London, died by 7 Aug 1710.
iiiMary Puckle, baptized 8 Nov 1711, St Mary, Whitechapel, Middx, died Alive in 1724, Left £50 in Gt UncleThomas Puckle's will.
36.James Puckle, born c1664, Great Yarmouth, occupation Notary Public.   He married (1) Mary Francis, married 22 Jan 1687, in St Michael & St Vedast, London, died by 1703, husband remarried.   He married (2) Hannah Mann, married 7 Aug 1703, in Holy Trinity Minories - ML, (daughter of Edward Mann and Martha Nicholson) baptized 14 Apr 1659, St Nicholas, Ipswich, died by 1715, husband remarried.   He married (3) Elizabeth Fownes, married 21 Feb 1714/5, in New Brentford. James died 1723.
James's 'Defence' ~ a machine gun ! >
iElizabeth Puckle, baptized 16 April 1689, St Christopher le Stocks, London, buried: 14 May 1689, St Christopher le Stocks.
iiMary Puckle, baptized 29 Sep 1690, St Margaret Lothbury, London.   She married John Gray, married 18 May 1729, in St Botolph Bishopsgate.
iiiFrancis Puckle, baptized 30 Apr 1693, St Margaret Lothbury, London, buried: 4 Aug 1693, St Margaret, Lothbury.
ivJames Puckle, baptized 2 Jul 1694, St Margaret Lothbury, London.
vBurton Puckle, baptized 20 Aug 1695, St Margaret Lothbury, London.
viDaniel Puckle, baptized 20 Oct 1699, St Edmund King & Martyr, London, buried: 5 Nov 1699, St Edmund King & Martyr, London.
viiJane Puckle, baptized 19 Oct 1700, St Edmund King & Martyr, London, buried: 27 Oct 1700, St Edmund King & Martyr, London.
viiiAnn Puckle, baptized 1 July 1702, St Swithin London Stone, London.   She married Thomas Truxton, married 2 Oct 1722, in St Stephen Coleman Street.
37.Rebecca Puckle.   She married Charles Maxey.
iCharles Maxey, baptized 5 Dec 1723, St Leonard Shoreditch.
iiRebecca Maxey, baptized 16 Jan 1724/5, St Leonard Shoreditch.
iiiCharles Puckle Maxey, baptized 23 Feb 1726, St Leonard Shoreditch.
ivJohn Seale Maxey, baptized 17 Feb 1729, St Leonard Shoreditch.

Next Generation

38.Catherine Riches Puckle, baptized 8 Sep 1694, Ramsbury, Wilts.   She married Francis Tolson, married 6 Apr 1713, in Grays Inn Chapel, London, born 27 Jan 1693/4, Albemarle Street, London, (son of Richard Tolson and Sarah Woodroofe) baptized 3 Feb 1693/4, Albemarle Street, died 1 Mar 1746/7, Easton Maudit, Northants.   Catherine buried: 21 Dec 1730, St Ann Blackfriars.
iSarah Tolson, baptized 5 Feb 1713/4, St Andrew Holborn, died 3 July 1714, buried: Kentish Town.
iiRichard Tolson, born 1715, Boswell Court near Devonshire Street, baptized 29 Nov 1715, St Andrew, Holborn, died 25 Jan 1722, Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire.
iiiCatherine Tolson, baptized 21 Dec 1716, St James Paddington, Middx.  She married (1) Samuel Milbourn, married 15 Feb 1735, in St Botolph without Aldersgate, occupation watchmaker.   She married (2) John Duck, married 25 July 1751, in Ratcliffe Meeting, Middx, born 3 Jan 1712, Meeting House Alley, Wapping, (son of John Duck and Mary Beazley) occupation Shopkeeper, Citizen & Dyer, died 21 Jun 1772, Burford, Oxfordshire.   Catherine died 13 Feb 1782, Burford, Oxon.
ivEleanor Tolson, born 20 Sep 1718, Ramsbury, Wilts, baptized 29 Sep 1718, Ramsbury.
vMary Tolson, born 1719, Gray's Inn, Holborn, baptized 17 Oct 1719, St Andrew Holborn.
viElizabeth Tolson, baptized 25 Dec 1721, St Andrew, Holborn.
viiJohn Tolson, baptized 9 Feb 1722/3, St Andrew, Holborn.
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