Conventions used in these charts

The tables are in sections by generation with one page covering three generations.   The chart is read from left to right with the earliest generation at the left.   Numbered links to the next section are shown to the right if there are more descendants.   The numbers themselves have no significance, other than their position in the entire Stone family tree.

Details have been received from a number of sources and although reasonable care has been taken, there is no guarantee regarding accuracy, transcription errors or assumptions made. Items marked ? or ?? are uncertain or very uncertain. Where there are known differences between sources these are annotated accordingly.

Surnames usually in capitals
|-name of descendant
|link between brothers, sisters and spouses
||link for known twins
¦links for second or later marriages.   Siblings would be half - brother - sister
app     apprenticeship
bborn / birth
c81census 1841 to 1901 in UK.   Much of 1881 will be taken from Mormon CD ROMs and 1901 from On-line Index
ddied /death
edschool or further education
mmarriage   m1   m2 etc multiple marriages
=spouse      =1   =2   "     "             "
ptrpartner as in - living with, as a couple
wwill or probate
witwitness - of marriage or will
( )details of or from the original record
[ ]comments by the author
bp m or bu followed by date and place.   Usually the place will be the parish where record is found.
b   m or d   1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 4Q   The quarter Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec and year of Registration of the event, found in GRO Indexes
Place shown in italics   The registration District given in the GRO Indexes
[ General Register Office now = Family Records Centre 1 Myddelton St., London EC1 ]
>99   <99     To and from page number links.   Page numbers are top right, backward links top left
99a 99b etc. Pages are logical pages and may spread onto a second or more sheets.
The numbers themselves have no significance, other than their position in the entire Stone family tree.
^   my nth cousins   ^   Cousins of GT Stone in this column   or those of a named person
^   nth cousins   ^     If no name is shown then normally the relationship will apply between families on the sheet.
Generation numbers start with my grandchildren as generation 0, therefore I am generation 2 with three generations across each page and the oldest on the left.
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