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This page is primarily about the MORGAN surname, descendants and connected families from Morgan Thomas, born about 1690 of Caermole, Llanbradach, Glamorganshire, South Wales.   This is very much a Work in Progress with details taken from several sources, some of which conflict.   It is posted here in its raw state to invite comment.   Any details that you can add, or corrections, will be gratefully received, especially regarding place names and spelling.   If G.E. Davies or Barry Thomas read this, I would particularly like to hear from you.

Descent from Morgan Thomas

1st Generation

1.Morgan Thomas, born c1690, of Caermole, Llanbradach, Glamorganshire.   He married ... Williams (who was reputed to be a member of the same family of Williams as that from which Oliver Cromwell was descended.   They lived at Llanisham near Cardiff.)   He bought the Graig property in 1715 and built the house in 1717.
Historical note: Oliver Cromwell descended from Morgan Williams of Glamorganshire, his paternal Gt-grandfather, who married the sister of Thomas Cromwell the Earl of Essex (who was later beheaded in 1540).   The Welsh were encouraged by Henry VIII to adopt an English style family name rather than to continue the use of the patronymic naming system, so the family adopted the name Cromwell (at his majesty's suggestion) rather than Williams.   Oliver and his father sometimes signed themselves Williams alias Cromwell.
2.i.Richard Morgan born c1745.
ii.John Morgan born 1747, buried 7 Apr 1818.   He lived at the Graig with his brother at Abercwmboi near Aberdare.
3.iii.Gwenllian Morgan.

Next Generation

2.Richard Morgan born c1745, owner of the Graig, Abercwmboi and Caer Moel Eglarys (correction of these spellings would be welcome). He married Mary Lewis of Blaencanaid or of Clynmyl.
4.iThomas Morgan born c1799.
5.ii.Morgan Morgan )   From these two are descended those who are possessed
6.iii.Mary Morgan     )   of one half of the coal and underground rights in the Graig.
iv.Lewis Morgan of Graig Cottage, unmarried, killed on railway 5 Sep 1856.
3.Gwenllian Morgan, she married Mr. Davies.
Children: - to be completed

Next Generation

4.Thomas Morgan born c1799, of Caermoel, the Graig, and Parc Coed Marcham, St. Pagans nr. Cardiff.   He owned the whole of the surface of the Graig and half the coal and underground rights.   He married Margaret Rees 6 May 1820, (daughter of John John Rees of Graddfa, LLanfabon, Glamorganshire.)   He died 1849, tomb in Eglwysilan graveyard.
i.Mary Morgan born 31 Mar 1821, married Arthur Walters a coal shipper of Swansea.   Mary died 19 Oct 1891, d.s.p.
7.ii.John Morgan born 1823.
8.iv.Margaret Morgan born 25 May 1825.
9.iv.Rachel Morgan born 1827.
10.v.Anne Morgan born 1829.
vi.Richard Morgan born 1832, died 1854
vii.Catherine Morgan born and died 1834.
5.Morgan Morgan owner of the Graig, Abercwmboi ?.   He married Mary Phillips (or Williams?) of the Glog.
6 Children:
6.Mary Morgan she married William Williams of Penyrhadwy, Vienol, Breconshire.
4 Children: (several grandchildren)

Next Generation

7.John Morgan born 1823, a doctor, Caermoel was left to him, where he is listed in the 1851 census.   He married Anne Bussel.   He died in 1869.
i.John Morgan, M.R.C.S. died of consumption soon after qualifying c1870, d.s.p.
11.ii.Anne Amelia Morgan
iii.Mary Morgan (twin) died as a baby.
12.iv.Margaret Morgan (twin)
13.v.Elizabeth Jane (Sally) Morgan
vi.Sarah Rosetta (Rose) Morgan married John Thomson M.R.C.S. - no family.
vii.Mary Morgan died as an infant.
viii.Rachel Amelia Morgan born 1857
14.ix.Catherine (Cassie) Morgan born 1860
8.Margaret Morgan born 29 May 1825 Aberdare, owned half of the Graig surface and a quarter of the underground rights.   She married David Joseph born 30 May 1813 Glamorganshire, South Wales, who was a Civil Engineer, Manager of Plymouth Iron Works Merthyr Tydfil, (son of Morgan Joseph and Jane Williams).   He died 6 July 1885 Bristol.   Margaret died 7 June 1916 Bristol.       Link to Descendants of Joseph Watkin >
15.i.Anne Grace Joseph born 24 Dec 1847 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.
ii.died young, born Merthyr Tydfil.
iii.died young, born Merthyr Tydfil.
iv.Meta Joseph born 1852 born Merthyr Tydfil, jounalist, not married.
v.Richard Joseph took the name Watkin.   He was born 1854 born Merthyr Tydfil, and had two children in Australia.   A son and grandson became Joseph-Watkin.
vi.David Joseph born 1857 born Merthyr Tydfil, took the name Joseph-Watkin, died in New Zealand 1938.
vii.Mary Joseph born Merthyr Tydfil, married J.T. Thompson, three children.
16.viii.Arthur Hill Joseph born Merthyr Tydfil.
ix.Howard Rhys Joseph born Merthyr Tydfil, took the name Watkin, married his cousin Elizabeth Joseph, no children.
9.Rachel Morgan born 1827, she owned half of the Graig surface and a quarter of the other rights.   She married Lewis Davies a colliery proprietor (his sister Louisa married Thomas Joseph and another sister, Minnie Davies was alive in 1943 (aged 85) at Pangbourne).   Rachel died 1854.
i.Thomas Morgan Davies born and died 1854.
10.Anne Morgan born 1829, she married James Probert, M.R.C.S. 1866.   Anne died 1895 at Pencaebach, Abercanaid, nr. Mertyr Tydfil.
i.James Morgan Probert born 1866, educated at Clifton College but no occupation, unmarried, died 1906.

Next Generation

11.Anne Amelia Morgan married Richard Samuel, M.D. Dunelm, M.R.C.S of Llanelly - went off to America with someone!
i.Richard Morgan Samuel, died as an infant.
ii.Arthur Reginald Samuel, born 1873-4
17.iii.Winifrede Samuel, born 1875? married ... Paxton and divorced.
iv.Ivor Samuel, a dentist.
12.Margaret Morgan married William Rees, kept a school at Ilfracombe, Devon.  Also went off to America with someone!
i.John Rees, married, died c1926.
13.Elizabeth Jane (Sally) Morgan married Andrew Gray a stockbroker.
i.Ernest Gray, married.
14. Catherine (Cassie) Morgan born 1860, married Emile Van Damme of Antwerp.
at least 2 Children:
15.Anne Grace Joseph born 24 Dec 1847 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.   She married Edmund Tolson Wedmore 17 Sep 1872 Tyndall Baptist Church, (son of Thomas Wemore , who was a Wholesale Sugar and Tea Merchant and Rachel Pole Duck).   He was born 16 Dec 1847 and died 25 Aug 1920 Bristol.   Anne died 19 Feb 1915 Bristol.
i.Ralph Wedmore born 16 Oct 1873 Bristol, manager of a Philatelics business (1901 census), died 1 Mar 1959.
ii.Edmund Basil Wedmore born 24 Jan 1876 Bristol, died d 16 Jun 1956.
iii.Rachel Wedmore born 27 Apr 1879 Bristol, died 1957 Canada.
iv.Margaret Tolson Wedmore born 31 Mar 1882 Bristol, d 7 Apr 1945.
v.Grace Irene Wedmore born Bristol
vi.Christopher Pole Wedmore born Bristol

Next Generation

16.Arthur Hill Joseph born Merthyr Tydfil, a doctor.  
Children: sequence uncertain
i.daughter ?
ii.daughter married ... Spicer
17.Winifrede Samuel born 1875?.   She married married ... Paxton and divorced him.
 Wedmore direct line ancestors are shown in red
Much of this information came from Arthur Hill Joseph MD #8viii above, with additions by Ralph Wedmore and RMS.
Other sources are:-
RMSRachel Margaret Stone (neé Wedmore)

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