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This page is primarily about the JOSEPH surname, descendants and connected families from Joseph Watkin, born about 1720 probably in Defynnog, South Wales.   This is very much a Work in Progress with details taken from several sources, some of which conflict.   It is posted here in its raw state to invite comment.   Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.   If John Reynolds or G.E. Davies read this, I would particularly like to hear from you.

Descent from Joseph Watkin

1st Generation

1.Joseph Watkin, born c1720, Defynnog, Breconshire, South Wales. [Also known as Devynog, but I am using the Ordnance Survey spelling.]   He married-1 Elizabeth Phillips 25 Nov 1747 in Defynnog and married again to Mary Rees on 23 May 1752 in Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire. She was baptised 7 Apr 1726 and died 1806 at Merthyr Tydfil.   Joseph was buried 27(29?) Jul 1798 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.
TMJ-W said that after marrying Mary Rees he lived at Glyn Castell near Resolven and contracted to supply the Melin Court Iron Works with coal and coke.   There are Watkin memorials in Defynnog Church.   R.M.S has information which indicates he may have gambled and sold 3 or 4 farms in the Parish of Llywel in order to pay his debts in about 1845-47.   There is a possibility that he was a storekeeper at the Plymouth works.   His sons went to Merthyr Tydfil and he is said to have gone there after his wife died.   Certainly a Joseph Watkin aged 78 was buried at Merthyr Tydfil Parish Church on 20 July 1798.   The Defynnog Register had disappeared by 1898.   The Llywel Register - bapt not found.   All his children were baptised at the Llantwit Parish.  Register seen by RMS in 1967.   Marriage to Mary Rees by Banns.
i.Margaret Watkin born c1748-9, died young.
ii.Morgan Watkin born Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire, buried 23 Jan 1753.
2.iii.Morgan Joseph alias Watkin baptised 1 Apr 1752, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.   He took the name Joseph in Patronymic form, Morgan ap Joseph ap Watkin.
3.iv.David Joseph baptised 4 Aug 1754, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.   He took the name Joseph (He would have been 'ap Joseph' in any case).   Colliery Manager, killed in underground explosion (d.s.p. according to one source).
v.Catherine Watkin baptised 23 Jan 1757, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.
vi.Morgan Watkin baptised 29 Dec 1759, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.
vii.Rees Watkin (twin) baptised 23 Apr 1762, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.  Buried 30 Apr 1762.
viii.Watkin Watkin (twin) baptised 23 Apr 1762, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.  Buried 30 Apr 1762.
ix.Rees Watkin baptised 25 Oct 1766, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.
x.Watkin Watkin baptised 1768-9, Llantwit, Neath, Glamorganshire.   (Arthur Hill Joseph said that he may have had children.)

Next Generation

2.Morgan Joseph alias Watkin, baptised 1 Apr 1752.   He took the name Joseph in Patronymic form, Morgan ap Joseph ap Watkin after he was married.   He was a Colliery Contractor, - coal for furnaces.   He married Mary Phillip, 11 Mar 1786 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, where they both made their mark, (daughter of Llewelyn Henry Phillip of Cwm Bargoed and Mary Henry, married 26 Nov 1763 at Merthyr Tydfil), born 1763-4.   She was buried with her husband 11 Apr 1838 aged 74.   Morgan was buried 29 Aug 1815, Zion Chapel, Twynyrodyn (MIs. 1815 & 38).
4.iMorgan Joseph born 11 Sep 1787 and baptised 3 Oct 1787 at Twynyrodyn Presbyterians, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.
iiOnly daughter, who died young - (according to RMS.)
3.Janet Joseph married Charles John David.
i.Mary David married Jenkin Thomas

Next Generation

4.Morgan Joseph born 11 Sep 1787 and baptised 3 Oct 1787 at Twynyrodyn Presbyterians, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.   He married Jane Williams 9 Feb 1809 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, (daughter of David Thomas Williams and Mary F. Lewis ap Evan).   She was born 20 Sep 1782 Fforest Nest, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire and died 17 Nov 1848 at Mount Pleasant, Merthyr Vale, Glamorganshire, (she died of 'Apoplexy' at Tramroad Side M.T.).   Morgan died 3 July 1863 Danderi, Merthyr of 'Apoplexy'.
He was General Manager of Plymouth Colliery, Merthyr Parish.   Lived at Peartree House Pencaebach, Mount Pleasant Farm (death cert).   Retired Mineral Agent 1851 Census, agent of Messrs RFA Hill.   Farmer Merthyr Vale 18 acres 1861 Census.   Grandson Morgan Watkin Joseph aged 5 living with him and 2 house servants.
iIsaac Joseph (twin) born and died 27 Dec 1809.
iiRebecca Joseph (twin) born and died 27 Dec 1809.
5.iii.Mary Joseph born 1811.
6.iv.David Joseph born 30 May 1813.
v.Elizabeth Joseph born 8 June 1815, died c1829.
vi.Morgan Joseph born 1817, died c 1826.
7.vii.Thomas Joseph born 1819.
viii.Martha Joseph born 1821, died 1829.
8.ix.Rachel Joseph born 1823.
x.Sarah Joseph born 1823.
9.xi.Morgan Joseph born 27 Feb 1827.

Next Generation

5.Mary Joseph born 1811 Glamorganshire, South Wales.   She married Thomas Davies - was she his second wife?   Mary died c1870.
i.Thomas Davies - died in Australia
ii.Margaret Davies
iii.Jane Davies born 2 Oct 1830, died Jul 1921 - may have had children?
iv.Morgan Joseph Davies born 1841-42, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.   1861 Census, Merthyr Tydfil, Un-marr Asseyer of Minerals 29 Nightingale St. Born M.T.
v.Hilda Davies born 1849.   She married at Tyndale Baptist Chapel Bristol 1876 - no children
vi.Mary Elizabeth Davies born 1856-60.   She died 31 May 1946 Tilehurst, Kent, and buried 3 June 1946.
6.David Joseph born 30 May 1813 Glamorganshire, South Wales.   He was Civil Engineer, Manager of Plymouth Iron Works Merthyr Tydfil   He married Margaret Morgan 9 Sep 1845 at Merthyr Tydfil, (daughter of Thomas Morgan , who was a farmer and owned the whole of the Graig surface and half the coal and underground rights, (I suspect that the amounts were half and quarter respectively, through his wife - see Morgan details), and Margaret Rees).   She was born 29 May 1825 Aberdare and died 7 Sep 1916 Bristol.   David died 6 July 1885 Bristol.
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10.i.Anne Grace Joseph born 24 Dec 1847 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.
ii.died young, born Merthyr Tydfil.
iii.died young, born Merthyr Tydfil.
iv. Jane Margaret Joseph born Jun Q 1852 Merthyr Tydfil, jounalist, not married.
v.Richard Joseph took the name Watkin.   He was born 1854 born Merthyr Tydfil, and had two children in Australia.   A son and grandson became Joseph-Watkin.
vi.David Thomas Joseph born Sep Q 1857 in Merthyr Tydfil, took the name Joseph-Watkin, die in New Zealand 1938.
vii.Mary Tydfil Joseph born Dec Q 1859 Merthyr Tydfil, married John Tatham Thompson, Sep Q 1888 Kensington, he was born Sep Q 1858, York, they had three children.
11.viii.Arthur Hill Joseph born Mar Q 1863 Merthyr Tydfil.
ix.Howard Rhys Joseph born 1865/6 Merthyr Tydfil, took the name Watkin, married his cousin Elizabeth Joseph (#9.iii below), no children.
7.Thomas Joseph born 2 Mar 1819.   A Mining Engineer and staunch Baptist of Aberdare area and Tydraw, Rhondda.   He married Ann Williams (third dau of Lewis Williams) by whom he had 4 sons according to G Davies.   They lived at The Buttrils in Glamorganshire.   He died 10 July 1890.
He married a second time to Louisa Davis 6 Feb 1849, (daughter of Louisa and David Davis of Hirwaun and afterwards Blaengwawr, Aberdare who was the son of Willian David Jeffreys but dropped the name Jeffreys and on his mother's side (Margaret Lewis of Gilfach Co Camarthen) he was decended from Caradog ap Gwillym and from Sir Reginald Awberry).
Children: - sequence uncertain
v.David Davis Joseph born 1850 Tydraw, had infantile paralysis as a child, not married.
vii.Mary Louisa married Dr. J.D. Hutchinson - no children.
viii.Thomas Morgan Joseph-Watkin born 13 Apr 1856 Aberdare; Caius College Cambridge; Barrister 1881; B.A. F.S.A.; Portcullis Pursuivant then Chester Herald.   He took the name Watkin by Royal Licence in 1894.   He married in 1900 Annie Emma Harrts widow of John Whitelock of Altadena, California, (daughter of Leonard Harrts of Christchurch, Hampshire) - no children.   Thomas died 3 Oct 1915.
ix.William Watkin Joseph born 1858 - unmarried.
8.Rachel Joseph born 1823. She married Samuel Thomas a Colliery Proprietor, c 1825, (brother David Thomas, son of John Thomas), he was born c1800 and died 1879.   Rachel died c1896.
Children: - 17 ! - of whom 5 survived
12.xv.David Alfred Thomas born 16 Mar 1856 Ysgyborwen, Aberdare, Glamorganshire.
9.Morgan Joseph born 27 Feb 1827 a Mining Engineer of Ystradfechan, Colliery Proprietor and Manager.   (He was Morgan Joseph III.)   He may have married three times and had four children - by whom were the 4 children?   He married first in 1847.   He married Elizabeth Howell 19 Sep 1863,   Living at Llanblethian Cottage, Llanblethian, Glamorganshire in the 1881 census, widower, with three youngest children and 'grandson' Morgan Davies, aged 2, born Llanblethian.   He died 1902.
i.Morgan Watkin Joseph born 1855-56 Llantrisant, and baptised 4 May 1856 as Morgan Watkin Howell, lived with grandfather when young.
ii.Jane Margaret Joseph born 1864-5 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.
iii.Elizabeth Joseph born 1866-7 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, married her cousin Howard Rhys (Joseph) Watkin (#6.ix above) - no children.
iv.Rachel Joseph born 1869-70 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire.

Next Generation

10.Anne Grace Joseph born 24 Dec 1847 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire. She married Edmund Tolson Wedmore 17 Sep 1872 Tyndall Baptist Church, (son of Thomas Wemore , who was a Wholesale Sugar and Tea Merchant and Rachel Pole Duck).   He was born 16 Dec 1847 and died 25 Aug 1920 Bristol.   Anne died 19 Feb 1915 Bristol.
i.Ralph Wedmore born 16 Oct 1873 Bristol, manager of a Philatelics business (1901 census), died 1 Mar 1959.
ii.Edmund Basil Wedmore born 24 Jan 1876 Bristol, died d 16 Jun 1956.
iii.Rachel Wedmore born 27 Apr 1879 Bristol, died 1957 Canada.
iv.Margaret Tolson Wedmore born 31 Mar 1882 Bristol, d 7 Apr 1945.
v.Grace Irene Wedmore born Bristol
vi.Christopher Pole Wedmore born Bristol
11.Arthur Hill Joseph born Merthyr Tydfil, a doctor.  
Children: sequence uncertain
i.daughter ?
ii.daughter married ... Spicer
12.David Alfred Thomas born 16 Mar 1856 Ysgyborwen, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, became first Viscount Rhondda, married Sybil Margaret Haig (4th daughter of George Augustus Haig of Pen Ithon, Radnorshire and Anne Elizabeth Fell) born 25 Feb 1857 at 52 Norfolk Sq., Brighton, Sussex, died 1941.   Lord Rhondda died 1918, the estate valued at £885,645.   The Dictionary of National Biography shows:-
"- statesman, colliery proprietor, and financier; became associated with Cambrian collieries in Rhondda Valley, c .1882; Gladstonian Liberal MP, Merthyr Tydfil, 1888; held seat till 1910; went to United States on business of Ministry of Munitions, 1915; created baron for his services, 1916; promoted viscount, 1918; president of Local Government Board, 1916; as food minister carried out successful rationing during European war, 1917-18. "
i.Margaret Haig Thomas viscountess Rhondda born 12 Jan 1883 Princes Sq., Bayswater, London; baptised St. Matthews Church, St. Petersburgh Place;   Somerville College Oxford; rescued from the sinking Lusitania in 1915.   A feminist and magazine proprietor, founded Time and Tide 1920, editor 1926-1958.   She married Humphrey Mackworth, 6th Baronet from Caeleon 9 July 1908 and divorced him 1923.   She died 20 July 1958 and her ashes buried at Llan-wern.
 Wedmore direct line ancestors are shown in red
Much of this information came from John Reynolds formerly of Australia and France.
Other sources are:-
RMSRachel Margaret Stone (neé Wedmore)
TMJ-WThomas M Joseph-Watkin, Chester Herald   (#7.viii above)

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