VICKERS of Stanhope, Co. Durham

  I should be very interested to hear from anyone researching VICKERS in Stanhope and Wolsingham.  As they will know, this is complicated by the fact that the parish of Stanhope covered an enormous area of scattered hamlets & farms, & the surname Vickers was very common locally.  Other names like Peart, Bainbridge, Hall etc are also common & give the impression that the inhabitants of Weardale tended to stay there.  The parish register is lacking some years during the Commonwealth period and, most confusing of all, the Vickers favoured the first names: Jacob, James, John & Joseph for their sons, but the register did not record the names of mothers in baptism entries until the late eighteenth century.  It is therefore very difficult to know who are the parents of a particular child.  There are a few wills but they sometimes make matters worse by mentioning relatives not recorded in the parish register at all!  I have therefore hesitated to put in some children because of the difficulty of knowing which couple they belong to.  Any corrections & additions gratefully received.

If Jeremy Vickers sees this, I would particularly like to hear from him.

Descendants of James Vickers of Stanhope

First Generation

1.James Vickers.  He married Elizabeth Westwood, 29 Nov 1620, in Stanhope, (daughter of John Westwood), she was buried 4 Nov 1637, Stanhope.
iiMale Vickers, baptized 18 Apr 1624, Stanhope.
iiiSamuel Vickers, baptized 19 Feb 1625/6, Stanhope, buried: 9 Dec 1707, Stanhope.
ivDorothy Vickers, baptized 29 Feb 1627/8, Stanhope.  She married Cuthbert Peart, m. 1 Dec 1646, in Stanhope.
vElizabeth Vickers, baptized 8 Aug 1630, Stanhope.
viMargaret Vickers, baptized 10 Feb 1632/3, Stanhope.

Second Generation

2.John Vickers, baptized 21 Dec 1621, Stanhope.  He married Jane Harrison, m. 7 May 1646, in Stanhope, buried: 12 Apr 1688, Stanhope.  John buried: 8 Jul 1693, Wolsingham.
iJohn Vickers, baptized 4 Sep 1648, Wolsingham.  He married Mary Garthron, m. 16 Apr 1683, in Stanhope.
iiJacob Vickers, baptized 15 Feb 1648/9, Wolsingham, Co Durham.
iiiChristopher Vickers, baptized 15 Oct 1654, Wolsingham, Co Durham.
ivElizabeth Vickers, baptized 21 Jul 1657, Wolsingham, Co Durham.  She married George Emerson, m. 21 Jan 1674, in Stanhope.
vGeorge Vickers, baptized 4 Mar 1660, Wolsingham, Co Durham.
3.James Vickers, baptized 7 Jun 1635, Stanhope, Co Durham.  He married Isabel Burnop, m. 4 Jul 1671, in Wolsingham, Co Durham.  James buried: 6 Feb 1723/4, St Thomas Stanhope.
iJohn Vickers, baptized 2 Mar 1672, Wolsingham, Co Durham.
iiThomas Vickers, baptized 27 Nov 1674, Wolsingham.
ivJohn Vickers, baptized 2 Mar 1680, Wolsingham, Co Durham.
vJoseph Vickers, baptized 21 Nov 1681, Wolsingham, Co Durham, buried: 2 Nov 1697, St Thomas Stanhope.
4.Thomas Vickers, baptized 6 Oct 1636, Stanhope.  He married Elizabeth, m. c1660, buried: 14 Jun 1679, Stanhope. Thomas buried: 2 Dec 1681, Stanhope.
iFrances Vickers, baptized 18 Mar 1661, Stanhope.
iiAnne Vickers, baptized 4 Oct 1663, Stanhope.
iiiThomas Vickers, baptized 19 Sep 1666, Stanhope.
ivJames Vickers, baptized 7 Jul 1667, Stanhope.
vSarah Vickers, baptized 30 Aug 1674, Stanhope.

Third Generation

5.Jacob Vickers, baptized 31 Aug 1678, Wolsingham Co Durham.  He married Rachel Hall, m. 29 May 1705, in St Thomas, Stanhope. Co. Durham.  Jacob buried: 10 Jan 1723/4, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iRachel Vickers, b. c1706, buried: 7 Aug 1743, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iiMary Vickers, b. c1708, buried: 6 Dec 1746, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iiiMale Vickers, b. c1717, buried: 2 Jul 1718, Stanhope.
vSamuel Vickers, baptized 18 Mar 1719, St Thomas, Stanhope, buried: 18 Mar 1719, St Thomas, Stanhope.
viiJacob? Vickers, baptized 20 Oct 1723, St Thomas, Stanhope, buried: 20 Dec 1723, Stanhope.

Fourth Generation

6.James Vickers, baptized 9 Aug 1715, St Thomas, Stanhope.  He married Isabel Walton, m. 7 May 1743, in St Thomas, Stanhope.  James buried: 8 Dec 1750, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iAnn Vickers, baptized 7 May 1744, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iiJames Vickers, b. c1745, buried: 4 Apr 1745, St Thomas, Stanhope.
iiiMary Vickers, baptized 2 Nov 1748, St Thomas, Stanhope.
7.Samuel Vickers, baptized 3 Jun 1721, St Thomas, Stanhope, Co Durham, occupation Farmer.  He married Mary Dodd, m. 21 May 1755, in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, (daughter of John Dodd and Margaret) baptized 29 Dec 1731, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, buried: 28 Dec 1798, Stanhope "aged 67".  Samuel died 27 Oct 1789, Sweet Wells, Stanhope, buried: 30 Oct 1789, St Thomas, Stanhope.
8.iSamuel b. c1755.
12.vThomas b. c 1765.
viMary Vickers, baptized 26 Dec 1767, St Thomas, Stanhope.

Fifth Generation

8.Samuel Vickers, b. c1755, Bridge End, Frosterley, Co. Durham, occupation Farmer.  He married Sarah Dixon, m. 23 Nov 1781, in St Thomas Stanhope, b. 1762, baptized 10 Jul 1762, Stanhope, d. 2 July 1844, Stanhope.  Samuel died 15 Nov 1832, Sweet Wells, Stanhope, buried: 18 Nov 1832, St Thomas, Stanhope "aged 78".
iMary Vickers, baptized 13 Feb 1783, St Thomas, Stanhope, d. 22 Dec 1787, "aged 5 years" Stanhope.
9.John Vickers, baptized 20 Apr 1756, St Thomas, Stanhope,, occupation Coal Merchant in Jewry St, Aldgate later Spermaceti Oil Refiner.  He married Dorothy Walmesley, m. 9 May 1784, in St Botolph without Aldgate, London, b. 24 Jan 1761, New Malton, (daughter of Geffrey Walmesley and Dorothy Raine) baptized 20 Feb 1761, St Michael, buried: 13 Jul 1786, St Olave Hart St, London.  John buried: 6 Oct 1794, St Olave, Hart Street, London.
iElizabeth Vickers, b. c1785, Jewry Street, occupation Schoolmistress.
iiFemale Vickers, b. c 1786, London, occupation Schoolmistress.
10.Jacob Vickers, baptized 16 Apr 1761, St Thomas, Stanhope, occupation Farmer.  He married Margaret Bainbridge, m. 4 Oct 1800, in Stanhope, (daughter of John Bainbridge and Elizabeth Reed) baptized 1773.  Jacob buried: 2 Aug 1833, St Thomas Stanhope "aged 72".
iJohn Vickers, baptized 7 Aug 1801, Stanhope.
iiJacob Vickers, baptized 27 Sep 1803, Stanhope.
iiiMary Vickers, baptized 27 Apr 1805.  She married Henry Jefferson, m. 15 Mar 1831, in Stanhope.
ivMargaret Vickers, b. c1807.
vElizabeth Vickers, baptized 25 Nov 1808, Stanhope.  She married William Brown.
viJane Vickers, baptized 11 Apr 1811, Stanhope.
11.Joseph Vickers, baptized 22 October 1763, Stanhope, Co Durham, occupation Spermaceti Oil Refiner & later supplied gas in Royalty Theatre, Well St, E.1.  He married Barbara Marson, m. 5 Feb 1791, in St Leonard Shoreditch, Middx, b. 17 Jan 1771, Prince's Street, Moorfields, (daughter of James Marson and Angela Littleboy) baptized 11 Feb 1771, St Leonard Shoreditch, d. 27 Aug 1852, Park Place Villas, Maida Hill, W2, buried: 3 Sep 1852, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.  Joseph died March 1827, Shoreditch, Middx, buried: 23 March 1827, St Luke, Old Street, Middx.       Link to Marson Descendants >
13.iJohn Galatly b. c1792.
14.iiJames b. 20 Mar 1793.
iiiMary Elizabeth Vickers, b. 8 Sep 1794, Snow Hill, London, baptized 8 Oct 1794, St Sepulchre, buried: 19 Sep 1795, St Luke, Old Street.
ivEdward Samuel Vickers, b. 21 Apr 1796, Snow Hill, London, baptized 18 May 1796, St Sepulchre, d. New Zealand?.
vMary Vickers, b. 22 Feb 1798, 8 New St Square, London, baptized 21 Mar 1798, St Bride's Fleet Street.  She married Thomas Cordell Newbery, m. 20 Sep 1817, in St Mary Whitechapel, Middx, b. 9 Jan 1796, (son of Richard Newbery and Martha) baptized 3 Feb 1796, St Matthew Bethnal Green, occupation Owner/Manager Moorgate Silk Manufactory, d. Mar Q 1876, Honiton RD "aged 80".  Mary died after 1861, Ottery St Mary?.
viAngela Vickers, b. 13 St John Street, Pentonville, Middx, baptized 28 June 1799, St James Clerkenwell, Middx.  She married Joseph Vickers, m. 5 Oct 1852, in Slaugham, Sussex, (son of Joseph Vickers and Ann Bow) baptized Aug 1779, Stanhope, Co Durham, d. 20 Jul 1864, 1 Park Place Villas, Paddington.  Angela died 21 June 1863, 1 Park Place Villas, Paddington.
15.viiJoseph b. c1802.
viiiBarbara Vickers, b. c1807.  She married Francis Worrall Stevens, m. 18 Dec 1830, in St John Hackney, Middx, b. c1805, d. Mar Q 1890, Lambeth RD "aged 85".
ixCharles Vickers, b. 9 May 1809, Great Prescott Street, Whitechapel, baptized 21 June 1811, St Mary, Whitechapel, Middx.  He married (1) Augusta Malcolm, m. 8 Nov 1837, in St Matthew, Brixton, d. 7 April 1871, Wormstall, Berks.  He married (2) Selina Frewen, m. 28 Nov 1872, in St George Hanover Square, b. 10 Sep 1835, Northiam, Sussex, d. 24 Jul 1908, Brecknockshire.  Charles died 5 Dec 1874, 11 Porchester Terrace, Paddington.
xElizabeth Vickers, b. 20 May 1811, Great Prescott Street, Whitechapel, baptized 21 June 1811, St Mary Whitechapel, buried: 4 Feb 1887, Abney Park Cemetery "aged 77".
12.Thomas Vickers, b. c 1765, Bridge End, Frosterley, Co. Durham.  He married Ann Moses, m. 18 June 1791, in St Thomas, Stanhope.
iJoseph Vickers, baptized 6 Dec 1792, Stanhope.
iiJohn Vickers, baptized 28 Oct 1794, Stanhope.
iiiThomas Vickers, baptized 14 Apr 1797, Stanhope.
ivJonathan Vickers, baptized 3 Aug 1799.
vWilliam Vickers, baptized 14 Jan 1804, Stanhope.
viElizabeth Vickers, baptized 6 Jul 1807, Stanhope.

Sixth Generation

13.John Galatly Vickers, b. c1792, City of London, occupation Oil Merchant later Superintendant Gas Works.  He lived with Mary Ann Steggles, c1834 (not married !), she was born 18 Mar 1815, Thetford, (daughter of Elizabeth Steggles) baptized 22 Mar 1815, St Peter, Thetford, Norfolk, died 7 Dec 1881, 27 Lenthall Road, Hackney, Middx.  John died 19 June 1865, Chapel End, Walthamstow, Essex, buried: 24 Jun 1865, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.
16.iJohn b. 8 Sep 1835.
iiMary Ann Vickers, b. 15 Feb 1837, baptized 23 Oct 1839, St Leonard Shoreditch.
17.iiiCharles b. 25 Sep 1839.
18.ivFrederick b. 10 Jul 1841.
19.vWilliam b. 5 May 1844.
viElizabeth Eunice Vickers, b. 2 Jan 1847, 2 Trafalgar Place, Trafalgar Road, baptized 7 Feb 1847, St Leonard Shoreditch.
20.viiAngela Barbara b. c1850.
viiiSamuel Vickers, b. 17 Feb 1854, Chapel End, Walthamstow, occupation Gas Collector later Clerk. He married Annie Gaisford Larkin, m. 2 Oct 1886, in St Mary Lewisham.
ixClara Vickers, b. 1856, Chapel End, Walthamstow.
14.James Vickers, b. 20 Mar 1793, Snow Hill, London, baptized 25 Apr 1793, St Sepulchre, London, occupation Wine Merchant.  He married Mary Bainbridge, m. 29 Nov 1832, in Stanhope, Co. Durham, b. 2 Apr 1801, Stanhope, (daughter of Cuthbert Bainbridge and Mary Muschamp) baptized 30 Dec 1801, Stanhope.  James died 9 June 1849, Stanhope Cottage, Brixton Road.
21.iCharles Kirsop.
22.iiCuthbert Bainbridge b. Sep Q 1837.
23.iiiJames Muschamp b. 24 Jun 1839.
15.Joseph Vickers, b. c1802, City of London, occupation Manchester Warehouseman. Commission Agent.  He married Harriet Mary Carrington, m. 18 Aug 1829, in St Botolph without Aldersgate, London, b. c1804, buried: 20 Jul 1871, Abney Park Cemetery "age 67".  Joseph died 2 July 1855, buried: 6 Jul 1855, Abney Park Cemetery.  [1841 Census, living at John Street, Holloway, Islington with family. Described as Silk Merchant.]
23b.iBarbara Harriet Vickers, b. 17 May 1833, Gutter Lane, baptized 28 Jun 1833, St Vedast, Foster Lane. [Alternative info 24 Nov 1832]  She married Joseph Lang in Dec Q 1850 in the City of London.  Joseph Lang was a gun-maker & had been apprenticed to James Purdy (I had this info from someone with a database of London gun-makers).
iiAngela Eliza Vickers, b. 17 Apr 1834, Charterhouse Square, baptized 14 May 1834, St Botolph Aldersgate.  [1891 Census, widowed, living at Lancaster House, Lansdowne Road, Worthing with niece Barbara A Ness and grandnephew Kenneth C Ness and with two French servants from the St Omer area.  1901 Census, living at Lansdowne House with nephew Robert Ness, aged 70 and niece Augusta Ness aged 50, who was born in Holloway, London.  She married a man called ? Brunet.  She died After 1901.]
iiiJanet Elizabeth Vickers, b. 28 Feb 1836, Charterhouse Square, baptized 25 Mar 1836, St Botolph Aldersgate.  She married John Quaranta on 27 Sep 1855 at St Stephen's Islington.
ivKate Mary Wornham Vickers, b. 27 Sep 1837, 24 Holloway Place,, baptized 27 Sep 1844, St Botolph Aldersgate.  [She was born on 27 Sep 1837 in Charterhouse, Middlesex, UK.  She married Frederick John Burge.  They were married Jan-Mar 1880 in Kensington.  1871 Census, she is described as Schoolteacher living at 8 Abingdon Villas, Chelsea, Kensington, with her mother, brother Joseph and neice Augusta Lang, together with three child boarders and a general servant.  .Marriage Kensington (1a 72), Jan-Mar 1880  1881 Census, (aged 40!) married to Frederick Burge, aged 67, Surgeon MRCS LASL and living at The Fram House, Staines Road, Wyrardisbury, Eton.  1891 Census, (aged 49!) living with FJ Burge, retired Surgeon at 26 Quarry Road, Hastings with 2 servants.  1901 Census, (aged 54!) living on own means at 2, Hadriser? Road, Wandsworth, Streatham with a servant.  She died After 1901.]
vJoseph Cooper Vickers, b. 28 May 1839, 24 Holloway Place, Islington, baptized 27 Sep 1844, St Botolph Aldersgate.
viWilliam Patman Vickers, b. 12 Mar 1842, Upper Holloway, baptized 28 Jul 1843, St Botolph Aldersgate.  [A William Vickers aged 20 was boarding at 3 Roseberry Cottages Tower Hamlets, Hackney, in 1861.  He is described as Manchester Wha(rf) Cl(erk).]

Seventh Generation

16.John Vickers, b. 8 Sep 1835, Hoxton, baptized 23 Oct 1839, St Leonard Shoreditch, occupation Brass Finisher, later Newsagent.  He married Emma Florence Harvey, m. Mar Q 1883, in Hackney (widow), b. c1843, Blackfriars, London, d. 29 Apr 1920, buried: Abney Park Cemetery.  John died 16 Jul 1918, "aged 82", buried: 20 Jul 1918, Abney Park Cemetery.
iJohn William Vickers, b. 1884, occupation Wheelwright, d. 14 Jul 1934, "aged 50".
17.Charles Vickers, b. 25 Sep 1839, Pearson Street, Shoreditch, baptized 23 Oct 1839, St Leonard Shoreditch.  He married Jane Bright, m. 17 Jan 1874, in St Peter's, West Hackney, b. 5 May 1850, Whitehouse Farm, Wickham Bishops, Essex, (daughter of Josiah Bright and Sarah Cowell) baptized 29 May 1853, Wickham Bishops as Cowell, d. 30 Apr 1945, "Kelmsgate" Kingsend, Ruislip, Middx.  Charles died 10 Oct 1920, 17 Second Avenue, Enfield, Middx.
24.iAdela Constance b. 18 Dec 1874.
iiAustin Vickers, b. 28 Mar 1878, Plantation Farm, Lock Lane, Enfield, occupation Clerk.  He married Alice May Meredith, m. 19 Aug 1899, in Walthamstow.  Austin died 15 Mar 1958, Los Angeles, California, USA.
25.iiiElsie Angela b. 17 Dec 1880.
18.Frederick Vickers, b. 10 Jul 1841, 2 York Terrace, Kingsland Road, baptized 8 Aug 1841, St Leonard Shoreditch, occupation Commercial Clerk.  He married Mary Ann Susannah Ward, m. 4 Nov 1871, in St Leonard Shoreditch, d. Dec Q 1878, Wandsworth.
iFrederick Charles Vickers, b. Dec Q 1872, Walthamstow.
19.William Vickers, b. 5 May 1844, Queen's Road, Shoreditch, baptized 9 Jun 1844, St Leonard Shoreditch, occupation Gas Inspector.  He married Emily Paget, m. 5 May 1870, in St Peter's West Hackney, buried: 31 Oct 1933, Abney Park Cemetery, "age 91".  William buried: 22 Sep 1930, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.
iClarence Paget Vickers, b. c1873, West Hackney.
20.Angela Barbara Vickers, b. c1850, Haggerston.  She married Frank Orpen Straker, m. 1 Oct 1876, in St George Battersea, d. 14 Mar 1912, buried: Abney Park Cemetery.  Angela died Mar Q 1883, Hackney RD.
iFrank Straker, b. c1876/7, City of London.
iiEdwin Straker, b. 1878/9, Islington.
iiiHenry Straker, b. 1880, Islington.
ivAngela Straker, b. 1883, d. Mar Q 1884, Hackney RD "aged 1".
21.Charles Kirsop Vickers, baptized 31 May 1834, St Matthew, Bethnal Green.  He married Mary Kirsop.
iAnnie Mary Vickers, b. c1862, United States.
iiKirsop Bainbridge James Vickers, b. c1870, United States.
iiiCharles William Vickers, b. c1871, United States.
22.Cuthbert Bainbridge Vickers, b. Sep Q 1837, Brixton.  He married Lydia Ellen Hilton, m. Jun Q 1863, in Wandsworth.
iAugusta Vickers, b. Jun Q 1864, Lambeth.
26.iiHilton b. 30 Jun 1865.
iiiMuschamp Vickers, b. c1868, occupation Army Chaplain?
27.ivCuthbert b. 28 Sep 1870.
vMaria Eugenia Vickers, b. Sep Q 1874, Wandsworth.
viOctavia Vickers, b. Dec Q 1875, Wandsworth.
viiAubrey Vickers, b. 23 Sep 1878, Wandsworth, occupation Indian Army Officer.  He married Hilda Louise Elmslie, m. Sep Q 1907, in Cheltenham, Gloucs.
23.James Muschamp Vickers, b. 24 Jun 1839, Brixton.  He married Annie Elizabeth Bainbridge, m. Dec Q 1874, in Castle Ward, Northumberland.
iEmerson Vickers, b. 1875, Shanghai, China.
iiMaude M.Vickers, b. 1878, Anerley, Surrey.
iiiNed M.Vickers, b. 1880, Mitcham, Surrey.
ivHubert Vickers.
vNoel Vickers.
viGordon Vickers.
23b.Barbara Harriet Vickers, b. 17 May 1833, Gutter Lane, baptized 28 Jun 1833, St Vedast, Foster Lane. [Alternative info 24 Nov 1832]  She married Joseph LANG 17 Oct 1850 in St Botolph Bishopsgate.  Joseph Lang was a gun-maker and had been apprenticed to James Purdy (I had this info from someone with a database of London gun-makers).  [He was the son of Joseph Lang & Eliza Purdey, born Abt. 1828, died After 1875.   There is no trace of the family in the 1851 1861 or 1881 Censuses, with the exception of Josephine (q.v.).   Were they abroad?
iBarbara Louisa Augusta Lang, b Ar-Jun 1851 in Islington.  She married Robert Ness as his second wife, before 1871.
27b.iiJosephine Harriette Lang, b 11 Apr 1853 in Acacia Road, Marylebone, Middlesex.  She married David Ness on 6 Jan 1874 in St. John's Wood English Presbyterian Church, London.  She died 17 Sep 1933 in 2 Glen View, Harold Road,
iiiEmma Lang, born Jul-Sep 1854.
ivGeotge Frederick Lang b Oct-Dec 1855, not found in 1861, 71 or 81 censuses.]

Eighth Generation

24.Adela Constance Vickers, b. 18 Dec 1874, Plantation Farm, Lock Lane, Enfield.  She married Harry Hull Ward, m. 12 Oct 1898, in St James, Enfield Highway, d. Inverness.
iJohn Candler Ward, b. Dec Q 1899, Wanstead.
iiWilliam Ward.
iiiKelly Ward.
25.Elsie Angela Vickers, b. 17 Dec 1880, 133 Churchfields, Cheshunt, Herts.  She married John Hooper, m. 9 Aug 1910, in St Stephen, Park Avenue, Bush Hill Park, b. 16 Jun 1882, 19 Pancras St (Capper St) WC1, (son of Richard Street Hooper and Charlotte Bovingdon) d. 5 May 1954, Kingsend, Ruislip, Middx.  Elsie died 3 Aug 1968, "Berrystead" Melton Road, Syston. Leics.
iRodney John Hooper, b. 5 Aug 1911, 85 Muswell Avenue, London N10.  He married (1) Ruth Elisabeth Wedmore, m. 2 Jun 1938, in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1, b. 10 Apr 1910, The Old Hall, Clifton on Dunsmore, Rugby, (daughter of Edmund Basil Wedmore and Elsie Hilda Brison) d. 11 Jun 1971, Royal Free Hospital, London.  He married (2) Sylvia Vera Edith Jozefowski, m. 2 Dec 1972, in Romford, b. 5 Nov 1925.  Rodney died 10 Feb 1995, Southwold Hospital, Suffolk.
iiDora Hooper, b. 1 Nov 1915, 6 Sneath Avenue, Golders Green.  She married Richard Bennett Jones, m. 31 May 1941, b. 19 Apr 1916, Montgomeryshire, d. 6 Jun 1981, Leics.  Dora died 1 Sep 1980, Loughborough.
26.Hilton Vickers, b. 30 Jun 1865, occupation Indian Army Officer.  He married Winifred Kathleen Holworthy.
iWilmot Gordon Hilton Vickers, b. 8 Jun 1890, occupation Indian Army Officer & General (Second World War), d. 1987.
iiKathleen Olga Vickers, b. 13 Dec 1898.
iiiNellie Prior Vickers, b. 1899.
27.Cuthbert Vickers, b. 28 Sep 1870, Lambeth, occupation Indian Army Officer.  He married Florence Elizabeth Worsey, m. Sep Q 1903, in Cheltenham, Gloucs.
iRobert Vickers.
iiEileen Vickers.
iiiJames Vickers.
  Research and Author Mary Hume of Lewes.       Author's direct-line ancestors are shown in red.
       [Additions in brackets thus, by courtesy of Keith Dawson, March 2008]
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