MARSON of Colton and Milwich, Staffordshire

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Descendants of Germanus Marson of Milwich


First Generation

1.Germanus Marson.  He married Joanna ?, c1618, buried: 31 Oct 1670, Milwich.   Germanus buried: 17 Jan 1658, Milwich.
2.iJames b. c1620.

Second Generation

2.James Marson, b. c1620.   He married Anne ? c1645.   James buried: 12 Aug 1694, Milwich.
iJoanna Marson, baptized 14 Jun 1646, Milwich, buried: 8 Jul1668, Milwich.
iiAnne Marson, baptized 13 Jan1648, Milwich. She married William Wright.
iiiCecilia Marson, baptized 17 May 1650, Milwich.
ivWilliam Marson, baptized 29 Aug 1652, Milwich, buried: 1 Mar 1715, Milwich.
viNicholas Marson, b. c1655, buried: 5 Apr 1655, Milwich.
viiThomas Marson, baptized 4 Nov 1658, Milwich.
viiiMary Marson, baptized 10 Feb 1661, Milwich.   She married William Johnson.
ixJoseph Marson, baptized 20 Apr 1663, Milwich, buried: 30 Nov 1666, Milwich.
xiCatherine Marson, baptized 23 Apr 1668, Milwich, buried: 28 Jun 1730, Milwich.

Third Generation

3.James Marson, baptized 1 Oct 1654, Milwich, Staffs, occupation Tailor. He married Joyce Halfhead, on 16 Feb 1681, in Colton, Staffs, b. c1658, Colton, (daughter of Edward Halfhead and Anna Rowbotham) d. 1740, buried: 30 Oct 1740, Colton.   James buried: 12 Aug 1694, Milwich.
iCicely Marson, b. c 1682, Colton, Staffs.   She married Samson Fox, on 11 May 1703, in Milwich, Staffs.
iiiJames Marson, baptized 27 Sep 1688, Colton, Staffs.
ivAnn Marson, baptized 24 Feb 1690, Colton, Staffs.
vEdward Marson, b. c 1692, buried: 1 Feb 1699, Milwich, Staffs.
4.Germanus Marson, baptized 21 Jun 1666, Milwich.   He married Joan Austin, on 4 May 1702, in Milwich, d. 1755. Germanus buried: 18 Sep 1721, Milwich.
iiGerman Marson, baptized 4 Mar 1708, Milwich, Staffs, buried: 18 Apr 1741, Milwich, Staffs.
iiiJames Marson, baptized 9 Nov 1710, Milwich, Staffs.
ivWilliam Marson, baptized 12 Nov 1714, Milwich, Staffs.   He married Ellen.   William buried: 19 Jun 1747, Milwich, Staffs.

Fourth Generation

5.Thomas Marson, baptized 10 Feb 1684, Colton, Staffs.   He married Dorothy Spooner, widow, on 19 Jun 1718, in Colton, Staffs, (daughter of William Webb and Mary James) baptized 13 Apr 1687, Hamstall Ridware, Staffs, buried: Jan 1777, Colton.   Thomas buried: 25 Nov 1722, Colton.
iiWilliam Marson, baptized 2 Apr1719, Colton, Staffs.
6.Thomas Marson, baptized 7 Jun 1705, Milwich, Staffs.   He married Ellen Parker, on 18 Feb 1757, in Milwich, Staffs. Thomas buried: 19 Apr 1759, Milwich, Staffs.
iEllen Marson, baptized 4 Aug 1757, Milwich, Staffs.
iiThomas Marson, baptized 1 Jun 1759, Milwich, Staffs.

Fifth Generation

7.Thomas Marson, baptized 2 Apr 1719, Colton, Staffs.   He married Sarah Stapleton? c1763, (?daughter of Thomas Stapleton and Sarah) baptized 21 Sep 1729, St Olave Southwark?.
iSarah Stapleton Marson, b. 5 Jul 1764, St George's Fields?, baptized 26 Jul 1764, St George the Martyr, Southwark.
9.iiThomas Waite b. 5 Aug 1766.
iiiCharles Marson, b. 25 Mar 1768, St George's Fields, baptized 21 Apr 1768, St George the Martyr, Southwark.
8.James Marson, b. Colton, Staffs, baptized 12 Sep 1721, Colton, Staffs, occupation Watchcase-maker & Goldsmith.   He married (1) Ann Saness, on 12 May 1761, in St Leonard Shoreditch.   He married (2) Angela Littleboy, on 6 Feb 1763, in St Leonard Shoreditch, Middx, b. Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, (daughter of Richard Littleboy and Barbara Peachel) baptized 20 April 1738, St Mary Matfellon Whitechapel, d. Mar 1811, Whitechapel, probably Prescott Street, buried: 27 Mar 1811, St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, Middx.   James died Dec 1783, Butchers' Close, Moorfields, buried: 29 Dec 1783, St Luke Old Street.
iRichard Littleboy Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 18 Dec 1763, St Leonard Shoreditch, d. overseas.
vJames Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 12 Oct 1769, St Leonard Shoreditch.
13.viBarbara b. 17 Jan 1771.
viiAnn Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 25 May 1772, St Leonard Shoreditch.
viiiCharlotta Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 25 January 1774, St Leonard Shoreditch.

Sixth Generation

9.Thomas Waite Marson, b. 5 Aug 1766, St George's Fields, baptized 22 Aug 1766, St George the Martyr, Southwark, occupation Attorney at Law.   He married Isabella Fleming, on 4 Oct 1791, in Tettenhall, Staffordshire, (daughter of William Fleming).   Thomas buried: 5 Jun1830, St Mary Newington "age 64".
iWilliam Fleming Marson, b. 1 Aug 1792, baptized 3 Sep 1792, St Mary Newington, d. before 1830, not in father's will (or mother's 1842).
14.iiThomas Frederick.
iiiElizabeth Isabella Marson, baptized 27 Jul 1802, St Mary, Newington, Surrey.   She married Charles Shewell, on 8 Feb 1821, in St Mary Newington.
ivAnne H Marson, baptized Jun 1805, St Mary Newington, Surrey, d. before 1830, not in father's will (or mother's 1842).
vLouisa Sarah Marson, baptized 11 Aug 1808, St Mary Newington.   She married Henry Palmer, on 14 Nov 1839, in St James Westminster.
10.Elizabeth Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 7 July 1765, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married John Geary Penleaze, in May 1785, in St James Clerkenwell.   Elizabeth died 1823, St Pancras.
iThomazine Penleaze, baptized 10 Jan 1788, St Martin Pomeroy, London.
iiJohn James Penleaze, baptized 10 Aug 1790, St Martin in the Fields, Middx.
11.Angela Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 8 Feb 1767, St Leonard, Shoreditch.   She married Edward Pugh, on 2 Oct 1788, in St George the Martyr Queen's Square, b. 13 Feb 1765, Holborn, (son of John Pugh and Jane) baptized 19 Mar 1765, St Andrew's Holborn, occupation Tallow Chandler & Soap Boiler, d. June Q 1838?, Shoreditch.
iAngela Pugh, b. Butchers' Close, Moorfields, baptized 9 Jan 1789, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married Benjamin Hall, m. 1816, in Southwark (by licence).
iiEdward John Pugh, baptized 10 Jan 1797, St Anne Soho.   He married Martha Ray, m. 8 May 1819, in St Mary Newington, Surrey.
12.Jane Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 1 May 1768, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married James Carruthers, on 15 Aug 1789, in St Michael, Wood St.
iFrances Jane Carruthers, baptized 24 July 1793, St Leonard Shoreditch.
iiAngela Carruthers, b. c 1795.
13.Barbara Marson, b. 17 Jan 1771, Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 11 Feb 1771, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married Joseph Vickers, on 5 Feb 1791, in St Leonard Shoreditch, Middx, (son of Samuel Vickers and Mary Dodd) baptized 22 October 1763, Stanhope, Co Durham, occupation Spermaceti Oil Refiner & later gas supplier in Royalty Theatre, Well St, E.1, d. March 1827, Shoreditch, Middx, buried: 23 March 1827, St Luke, Old Street, Middx.   Barbara died 27 Aug 1852, Park Place Villas, Maida Hill, W2, buried: 3 Sep 1852, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.       View Vickers Descendants >
iJohn Galatly b. c1792.
iiJames b. 20 Mar 1793.
iiiMary Elizabeth Vickers, b. 8 Sep 1794, Snow Hill, London, baptized 8 Oct 1794, St Sepulchre, buried: 19 Sep 1795, St Luke, Old Street.
ivEdward Samuel Vickers, b. 21 Apr 1796, Snow Hill, London, baptized 18 May 1796, St Sepulchre, d. New Zealand?.
vMary Vickers, b. 22 Feb 1798, 8 New St Square, London, baptized 21 Mar 1798, St Bride's Fleet Street.   She married Thomas Cordell Newbery, on 20 Sep 1817, in St Mary Whitechapel, Middx, b. 9 Jan 1796, (son of Richard Newbery and Martha) baptized 3 Feb 1796, St Matthew Bethnal Green, occupation Owner/Manager Moorgate Silk Manufactory, d. Mar Q 1876, Honiton RD "aged 80".   Mary died after 1861, Ottery St Mary?.
viAngela Vickers, b. 13 St John Street, Pentonville, Middx, baptized 28 June 1799, St James Clerkenwell, Middx.   She married Joseph Vickers, on 5 Oct 1852, in Slaugham, Sussex, (son of Joseph Vickers and Ann Bow) baptized Aug 1779, Stanhope, Co Durham, d. 20 Jul 1864, 1 Park Place Villas, Paddington.  Occupation distiller.  Angela died 21 June 1863, 1 Park Place Villas, Paddington.
viiJoseph b. c1802.
viiiBarbara Vickers, b. c1807. She married Francis Worrall Stevens, on 18 Dec 1830, in St John Hackney, Middx, b. c1805, d. Mar Q 1890, Lambeth RD "aged 85".
ixCharles Vickers, b. 9 May 1809, Great Prescott Street, Whitechapel, baptized 21 June 1811, St Mary, Whitechapel, Middx.   He married (1) Augusta Malcolm, on 8 Nov 1837, in St Matthew, Brixton, d. 7 April 1871, Wormstall, Berks.   He married (2) Selina Frewen, on 28 Nov 1872, in St George Hanover Square, b. 10 Sep 1835, Northiam, Sussex, d. 24 Jul 1908, Brecknockshire.   Charles died 5 Dec 1874, 11 Porchester Terrace, Paddington.
xElizabeth Vickers, b. 20 May 1811, Great Prescott Street, Whitechapel, baptized 21 June 1811, St Mary Whitechapel, buried: 4 Feb 1887, Abney Park Cemetery "aged 77".

Seventh Generation

14.Thomas Frederick Marson, baptized 6 Jun 1797, St Mary Newington, Surrey, occupation Attorney in family firm.   He married Mary Ann Buckle, on 5 Oct 1822, in St Mary, Lewisham, Kent, b. 2 Aug 1801, Lee, Kent, (daughter of John William Buckle and Sarah Boyd) baptized 3 Aug 1801, St George the Martyr, Southwark, d. Mar Q 1883, Winchfield, Hants "aged 81".   Thomas died 8 Apr 1867, Winchfield, Hants "aged 69".
15.iFrederick Boyd b. c1825.
iiIsabel Jane Marson, b. 14 Jun 1827, baptized 22 Jan 1828, St George the Martyr, Southwark.
16.iiiThomas Fish.
ivMary Ann Marson, baptized 12 May 1830, St Luke, Old Street.
vEmily Marson, b. c1831, London Middx, d. Mar Q 1900, Winchfield, Hants "aged 69".
viWilliam Fleming Marson, b. 18 Nov 1833, baptized 2 Jan 1834, St Pancras Old Church, occupation Captain 10th Foot, d. 24 Jun 1866, Heckfield, Hants "aged 32".
viiHenry Marson, b. 12 Jul 1835, baptized 8 Feb 1836, St Pancras Old Church.

Eighth Generation

15.Frederick Boyd Marson, b. c1825, occupation Barrister (did not practise).   He married Mary Caroline Carter, in Jun Q 1847, in Bishop's Stortford, Herts, b. c1828, Croydon.   Frederick died 8 May 1910, Heckfield, Hants.
iFrederick Thomas Marson, b. Jun Q 1850, Marylebone, d. Mar Q 1859, Marylebone.
iiCatherine Marson, b. Jun Q 1852, Marylebone, d. Jun Q 1852, Marylebone.
iiiEdith Sophia Marson, b. Sep Q 1853, Marylebone.   She married William Farrer, in Sep Q 1879, in Kensington, b. c1850, occupation Church of England Clergyman.
ivMary Isabel Marson, b. Jun Q 1862, Paddington.
vEdward F Marson, b. c1866, Paddington.
16.Thomas Fish Marson, baptized 23 Feb 1829, St George the Martyr, Southwark, occupation Solicitor. He married Catherine Jane Wilson, in Jun Q 1860, in Watford RD, b. c1841, Wilts.   Thomas died Sep Q 1901, Mutford RD "aged 72".
iCatherine E. Marson, b. c1862, Tulse Hill.
iiGertrude Maria Marson, b. Jun Q 1866, Tulse Hill.   She married Arthur Henry Haigh, in Jun Q 1898, in Wandsworth, occupation Solicitor in Brighton.
iiiEthel Mary Marson, b. c1867, Tulse Hill.   She married Charles de Winter Kitcat, in Mar Q 1896, in Wandsworth, b. c1854, Chiswick, Middx, occupation Solicitor in Berkshire.
ivLilian Agnes Marson, b. c1870, Tulse Hill.   She married Frederic Allan Nicholl, in Sep Q 1894, in Wandsworth, occupation Underwriter at Lloyds.
vHelen S. Marson, b. c1871, Tulse Hill.
viMabel Jessie Marson, b. c1872, Tulse Hill.   She married Arthur de Winter Kitcat, in Jun Q 1899, in Wandsworth, b. c1870, Swallowfield, Berks, occupation Captain RNLI.
viiHarold Falcon W. Marson, b. c1879, Tulse Hill, occupation Brewer.   He married Margaret Lilian Kitcat, in Mar Q 1903, in Hawarden RD.
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