The LITTLEBOYS of South Buckinghamshire

  Littleboy is a fairly rare name which is found in both Norfolk and Buckinghamshire in the sixteenth & seventeenth centuries.  The two families do not appear at present to have a common origin.  This tree does not include all the lines in Buckinghamshire.  There are early Littleboys in Little Marlow and in High Wycombe.  Some of the High Wycombe Littleboys later became Quakers but do not appear to link with the long line of Quaker Littleboys originating with Richard Littleboy born in Penn in 1752 who married Sarah Cowdray at Jordan's Meeting in 1781.  Many of the Bucks Littleboys settled in London.

Descendants of William LITTLEBOY of Buckinghamshire

First Generation

1.William Littleboy, b. c1575, Little Marlow? Bucks.  He married (1) Margaret Cooper, 6 Jan 1600, in Barnet, Herts, (daughter of William Cooper and Elena Wright) baptized 10 Oct 1574, St Andrew, Enfield, buried: 22 Feb 1612, Beaconsfield, Bucks.   He married (2) Rebecca, c1613.  William died 1626, Beaconsfield, Bucks, buried: 6 Mar 1625/6, Beaconsfield, Bucks.
iWilliam Littleboy, baptized 18 Aug 1605, Beaconsfield, Bucks.

ivSimon Littleboy, baptized 19 Mar 1614, Beaconsfield, Bucks. He married Anne Sadler, m. 6 Apr 1643, in St Stephen Coleman Street, London.
vMale Littleboy, b. c1618, Beaconsfield, Bucks.
viRebecca Littleboy, b. c 1621, Beaconsfield, Bucks.   She married Henry East, 6 Mar 1642, in Hedgerley, Bucks, baptized 1 Nov 1611, Chalfont St Peter.
4.viiGiles, baptized 4 Nov 1624.

Second Generation

2.Robert Littleboy, baptized 6 Oct 1607, Beaconsfield, Bucks, occupation Cordwainer. He married Anne, c1645.
5.iRobert b. c 1646.
iiJohn Littleboy, b. c 1648, Colnbrook, occupation Oilman.   He married Ann Shemeld, 1 Dec 1674, in St James Clerkenwell.   John buried: Nov 1681, St Paul, Covent Garden.
iiiSarah Littleboy, b. c 1650, Colnbrook, Bucks.   She married John Little, c 1672, in St Giles in the Fields?
ivAnne Littleboy, b. c 1652, Colnbrook, Bucks.   She married George Green, 6 June 1674, in Horton, Bucks.
6.vWilliam b. c1660.
3.Richard Littleboy, baptized 12 June 1610, Beaconsfield, Bucks, occupation Cordwainer.   He married (1) Mary Child, 29 Jan 1637, in Penn, Bucks, buried: 7 May 1654, Penn, Bucks.   He married (2) Sarah Child, 15 Apr 1655, in High Wycombe, Bucks by licence.   Richard buried: 6 Apr 1658, Penn, Bucks.
iiMary Littleboy, baptized 29 Aug 1640, Penn Bucks.   She married Nathaniel Morgan, 24 Jun 1665, in Beaconsfield, Bucks.
iiiElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 23 Oct 1642, Penn Bucks.
ivMargaret Littleboy, baptized 24 May 1645, Penn Bucks.
vSarah Littleboy, baptized 11 Mar 1656, Penn Bucks.   She married Richard Wingrave, 28 Oct 1675, in Penn, Bucks.
viRebecca Littleboy, b. c1657, Penn Bucks.   She married Henry Cock, 2 Jul 1688, in Penn, Bucks, b. Beaconsfield, Bucks.
4.Giles Littleboy, baptized 4 Nov 1624, Beaconsfield, Bucks, occupation Shoemaker/Cordwainer.   He married Martha Unknown, c1651.   Giles buried: 3 Aug 1709, Eton, Bucks.
8.iGiles b. c1652.
iiHenry Littleboy, b. 31 October 1654, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.
iiiMartha Littleboy, b. 3 Aug 1656, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, buried: 27 May 1715, Iver, Bucks.
9.ivWilliam b. 16 Feb 1658.
10.vJoseph b. c1662.
viMary Littleboy, b. 19 Jul 1664, Chalfont, baptized 28 Aug 1664, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.   She married Peter Wilson, 29 Sep 1715, in Iver, Bucks, buried: 29 Feb 1731, Iver.   Mary buried: 20 Nov 1728, Iver.

Third Generation

5.Robert Littleboy, b. c 1646, Colnbrook, Bucks.   He married Mary ?, c 1674.   Robert died 1694, Giltspur Street, buried: 27 Mar 1694, St Sepulchre.
iRichard Littleboy, baptized 7 Nov 1675, St Sepulchre, London.
iiMary Littleboy, baptized 15 Jul 1677, St Sepulchre, London.
iiiElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 16 Nov 1679, St Sepulchre, London.
ivRichard Littleboy, baptized 30 May 1682, St Sepulchre, London.
6.William Littleboy, b. c1660, Colnbrook.   He married Hannah Ireland, 14 Feb 1680/1, in All Hallows London Wall, buried: 9 Nov 1735, St Botolph Aldersgate.   William buried: 7 Apr 1732, St Botolph Aldersgate.
iJohn Littleboy, baptized 5 Feb 1682, St Sepulchre, London, d. by 1691.
iiWilliam Littleboy, baptized 27 Sep 1683, St Sepulchre.
iiiMary Littleboy, baptized 6 Nov 1687, St Sepulchre, London.   She married Ambrose Ballard, 22 Jul 1714, in St Bartholomew the Less, London.
ivHannah Littleboy, baptized 13 Dec 1685, St Sepulchre, London.   She married Robert Harrold, 19 May 1715, in St Bartholomew the Less, London.
vRebecca Littleboy, baptized 27 Feb 1689, St Botolph Aldersgate, London.
viJohn Littleboy, baptized 22 Sep 1691, St Botolph Aldersgate, London, buried: 4 Oct 1692, St Botolph Aldersgate.
viiJohn Littleboy, baptized 21 Jan 1693, St Botolph Aldersgate, London, buried: 16 Apr 1704, St Botolph Aldersgate.
viiiAnn Littleboy, baptized 3 Nov 1695, St Botolph Aldersgate, London, buried: 25 Nov 1711, St Botolph Aldersgate.
ixSarah Littleboy, b. c1697, buried: 12 Jan 1700/1, St Botolph Aldersgate.
7.Richard Littleboy, baptized 27 Sep 1638, Penn Bucks. He married Elizabeth?, c1661.   Richard died by 1682.
i? Littleboy, buried: 20 Sep 1662, Penn Bucks.
iiMary Littleboy, baptized 14 Feb 1663, Penn Bucks.   She married John Fellow, 30 Mar 1690, in High Wycombe, Bucks, by licence, b. Penn.
iiiElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 14 Jan 1665, Penn Bucks.
12.ivRichard b. 1669.
vJohn Littleboy, baptized 26 Apr 1671, Penn Bucks.
8.Giles Littleboy, b. c1652, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.   He married Margaret, c1674.   Giles buried: 13 Apr 1677, Denham, Bucks.
iMartha Littleboy, baptized 14 Nov 1675, St Mary, Denham, Bucks.
9.William Littleboy, b. 16 Feb 1658, Chalfont St Giles, baptized 24 Feb 1658, Chalfont St Giles.   He married (1) Mary Tofield, 27 Dec 1685, in St Katherine by the Tower, London, b. c1664, Great Missenden?, (daughter of Thomas Tofield and Elizabeth Armborough) d. May 1699, Iver, Bucks, buried: 31 May 1699, Iver, Bucks.   He married (2) Mary Harwood, 4 Feb 1699/1700, in St James Piccadilly, Westminster, b. c1673, Iver? PR pages missing, (daughter of Richard Harwood and Diana Smith) buried: 21 Sep 1748, Crondall, Hants.   William buried: 20 Jan 1710/11, Iver, Bucks.
13.iMary b. c 1687.
iiJoseph Littleboy, b. c1690, Iver.   He married Barbara Pocock, 10 May 1721, in Hillingdon.   Joseph died 1722, Iver, buried: 9 Feb 1722, Iver.

14.iiiSarah b. c1701.
ivElizabeth Littleboy, b. 5 Jun 1702, Leybourne Farm, Iver, baptized 25 Jun 1702, Iver, Bucks.   She married John Grover, in Crondall, Hants.   Elizabeth buried: Crondall, Hants.
15.vWilliam b. 3 Mar 1704.
viAnne Littleboy, b. 16 Feb 1706, Leybourne Farm, Iver, baptized 11 Mar 1706, Iver, Bucks.   She married John Ives, c1734, occupation Labourer/Farmer, d. 1776, buried: 4 Feb 1776, Iver.   Anne died 1749, Iver, buried: 21 Mar 1749, Iver, Bucks.
16.viiRichard b. 2 Oct 1709.
10.Joseph Littleboy, b. c1662, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.   He married Mary Unknown, c1698.   Joseph buried: 17 Aug 1728, Iver.
17.iElizabeth b. c1698.
18.iiJoseph b. 18 Aug 1701.
19.iiiAnne b. 1 Oct 1703.
ivMary Littleboy, b. 16 Apr 1705, Huntsmore Farm, Iver, baptized 2 May 1705, Iver, buried: 3 Jun 1706, Iver.
20.vJane b. 16 Apr 1707.
viiWilliam Littleboy, b. 14 Jul 1713, Huntsmore Farm, Iver, baptized 14 Aug 1713, Iver, Bucks, buried: 17 Dec 1777, Penn, Bucks.
11.Sarah Littleboy, baptized 6 Feb 1669/70, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.   She married John Kible, 24 Sep 1702, in Chesham, Bucks.   Sarah buried: 27 Aug 1718, Chalfont St Giles.
iSarah Kible, b. c1703, Chalfont St Giles.

Fourth Generation

12.Richard Littleboy, b. 1669, Penn, Bucks, baptized 26 Apr 1671, Penn - with younger brother John.   He married Elizabeth, c1691.   Richard buried: 9 Apr 1711, St Margaret Lothbury, London.
iElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 14 Mar 1691/2, St Margaret Lothbury.
iiiElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 3 Apr 1695, St Margaret Lothbury, London.
ivGeorge Littleboy, baptized 12 Feb 1697, St Margaret Lothbury, London, buried: 13 May 1731, St Benet Fink.
vJane Littleboy, baptized 11 Dec 1699, St Margaret Lothbury.
13.Mary Littleboy, b. c 1687, Iver, Bucks.   She married (1) William Goodsyeare, 15 July 1708, in Iver, Bucks, occupation Papermaker.   She married (2) William Bavin, 15 July 1708, in Iver, Bucks, d. June 1760, Iver, Bucks, buried: 1 July 1760, Iver.   Mary died 1741, Iver, buried: 1 April 1741, Iver.
iAnne Goodsyeare, baptized 14 Nov 1709, Iver, Bucks.
iiMary Goodsyeare, baptized 2 May 1712, Iver, Bucks.
iiiElizabeth Bavin, b. 5 June 1715, Iver, baptized 10 June 1715, Iver, Bucks, d. 1733, buried: 8 May 1733, Iver.
ivWilliam Bavin, baptized 3 April 1722, Iver.
vMartha Bavin, b. twin brother William, baptized 3 April 1722, Iver, buried: 22 May 1722, Iver.
14.Sarah Littleboy, b. c1701, Leybourne Farm, Iver, Bucks, baptized No baptism, PR missing pages.   She married Thomas Grove, 8 Sep 1719, in St Benet, Paul's Wharf, London, b. Avemary Lane?, baptized 26 Mar 1680, Christchurch Newgate, London, occupation Writing Master, d. 1745, Clerkenwell Green, Middx, buried: 15 Dec 1745, St James Clerkenwell, Middx.
iMary Grove, baptized 9 Feb 1721, St James Clerkenwell, London.
iiThomas Green Grove, baptized 3 Jan 1723, St James Clerkenwell.
iiiCharles Grove, b. Mar 1725, St James Clerkenwell.
ivGeorge Grove, baptized 7 Sep 1727, St James Clerkenwell, London.
vRobert Grove, baptized 30 Nov 1730, St James Clerkenwell, London.
15.William Littleboy, b. 3 Mar 1704, Leybourne Farm, Iver, baptized 28 Mar 1704, Iver, Bucks.   He married Sarah East, 13 Dec 1747, in Hedgerley, Bucks, baptized 1723, buried: 22 Jun 1803, Iver Bucks.   William died 1783, buried: 17 Sep 1783, Iver, Bucks.
iWilliam Littleboy, b. 1748, Fuller's Farm, Iver, baptized 20 Dec 1748, Iver Bucks, buried: 3 May 1768, Iver.
16.Richard Littleboy, b. 2 Oct 1709, Leybourne Farm, Iver, baptized 6 Oct 1709, Iver, Bucks, occupation Writing Master - apprenticed to Thomas Grove.   He married Barbara Peachel, 16 Sep 1731, in St Anne & St Agnes, London, (daughter of James Peachel and Ann Burton) baptized 21 Sep 1703, Carlton Scroop, Lincs, buried: 20 Dec 1770, St Luke, Old Street, London.   Richard died Butchers' Close, Moorfields, buried: 20 June 1764, St Luke's Old Street, Finsbury Middx.
iWilliam Littleboy, b. Norwich Court, East Smithfield, London, baptized 11 Jan 1731/2, St Botolph Aldgate, buried: 20 Nov 1734, St Katherine by the Tower.
iiAnn Littleboy, baptized 23 July 1734, St Katherine by the Tower, London, buried: 11 Feb 1736/7, St Katherine by the Tower.
iiiWilliam Littleboy, baptized 16 Sep 1736, St Botolph Aldgate.
24.ivAngela, baptized 20 April 1738
vRobert Littleboy, b. Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, baptized 23 Mar 1740/1, St Mary Whitechapel.
viPeachel Littleboy, b. Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, baptized 23 Aug 1743, St Mary Whitechapel.
17.Elizabeth Littleboy, b. c1698, Huntsmore Farm? Iver, Bucks.   She married Philip Kemp, 26 Dec 1723, in St Olave Hart Street, London.   Elizabeth buried: 29 Dec 1730, St Mary Whitechapel as "Mary Kemp a woman from Abel Court".
iElizabeth Kemp, b. 1725, Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, baptized 3 Jan 1724/5, St Mary Whitechapel.
iiPhilip Kemp, b. 1727, baptized 17 Feb 1726/7, St Mary Whitechapel.
iiiJoseph Kemp, b. 1728, Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, baptized 3 Oct 1728, St Mary, Whitechapel.
18.Joseph Littleboy, b. 18 Aug 1701, Huntsmore Farm, Iver, baptized 22 Aug 1701, Iver.   He married (1) Elizabeth, c1733.   He married (2) Sarah, c1749.
iAnne Littleboy, baptized 11 Jul 1734, Iver, buried: 9 Sep 1734, Iver ("a child of Joseph L farmer".
iiJoseph Littleboy, b. 1750, buried: 29 May 1750, Iver, Bucks.
19.Anne Littleboy, b. 1 Oct 1703, Huntsmore Farm, Iver, baptized 20 Oct 1703, Iver.   She married William Perritt, 12 Feb 1734/5, in St George Hanover Square, b. c1706, Yorkshire, d. 1767, buried: 18 July 1767, St George Hanover Square.   Anne buried: 4 Jul 1760, St George Hanover Square, Westminster.
iWilliam Perritt, b. 14 Mar 1736, baptized 20 Mar 1735/6, St George Hanover Square, d. 1736?
iiWilliam Perritt, b. 15 May 1737, baptized 8 Jun 1737, St George Hanover Square, d. by 1767, not in father's will.
iiiAnne Perritt, b. 1 April 1740, baptized 28 Apr 1740, St George Hanover Square. She married James Robson, 10 Dec 1761, in St George Hanover Square, occupation Bookseller in Bond Street, successor to John Brindley.
20.Jane Littleboy, b. 16 Apr 1707, Huntsmore Farm, Iver, baptized 18 Apr 1707, Iver.   She married John Savage, 23 May 1734, in St Katherine by the Tower, London, occupation Blacksmith of Crayford, Kent, d. 1738?.   Jane died after 11 July 1767.
iGeorge Savage, b. 1736, baptized 31 Aug 1736, Crayford, Kent, d. 1740, buried: 27 Jan 1740, Crayford, Kent.
iiJohn Savage, b. 1738, baptized 13 Aug 1738, Crayford, Kent, d. 1738, buried: 5 Sep 1738, Crayford, Kent.
iiiJane Savage, b. 1739, baptized 14 Jul 1739, Crayford, Kent.
21.Hannah Littleboy, baptized 11 Oct 1709, Iver.   She married Edward Vickers, 6 Apr 1735, in St Katherine by the Tower, London, b. c1710.   Hannah buried: 21 May 1740, Crayford, Kent.
iWilliam Vickers, b. 1736, baptized 18 Jan 1735/6, Crayford, Kent, d. ?, Not in father's will made 15 Feb 1768.
iiAnna Maria Vickers, b. 1737, Crayford, Kent, baptized 21 Aug 1737, Crayford, d. 1741, buried: 25 Aug 1741, Crayford.

Fifth Generation

22.Richard Littleboy, baptized 1 Apr 1694, St Margaret Lothbury, London.   He married Susanna Blogg, 17 Jan 1716/7, in All Hallows London Wall.   Richard died Feb 1772, St Michael Cornhill, buried: 16 Feb 1772, St Margaret Lothbury.
iJane Littleboy, baptized 23 Mar 1718, St Stephen Coleman Street.   She married John Hall, 26 May 1735, in All Hallows London Wall.   Jane died after 1773, Administered father's goods.
iiElizabeth Littleboy, baptized 16 Mar 1721, St Stephen Coleman Street.   She married Mark Howard, 14 Feb 1744/5, in All Hallows London Wall.
iiiMary Littleboy, b. c1726, St Benet Fink?   She married James Lambden, 25 Nov 1747, in All Hallows London Wall "age 21" (ML).
ivGeorge Littleboy, baptized 15 Jun 1729, St Benet Fink, London.
23.Richard Littleboy, b. Fuller's Farm, Iver, baptized 2 Dec 1752, Iver Bucks.   He married Mary Guilby, 9 Jun 1773, in St Mary the Virgin, Hillingdon, baptized 1750.   Richard buried: 1834, Langley Marish?
iSarah Littleboy, baptized 17 Apr 1774, Iver, Bucks.   She married Theophilus Emmens, 1 Oct 1792, in Iver Bucks.
iiWilliam Littleboy, baptized 21 Sep 1775, Iver Bucks, buried: 17 Sep 1796, Iver Bucks "William L a farmer".
iiiRichard Littleboy, baptized 15 Jun 1777, Iver Bucks.   He married Hester Barnet, 3 Dec 1800, in Iver Bucks, b. c1781, buried: 1841.
ivJoseph Littleboy, baptized 4 Apr 1779, Iver Bucks, occupation Farmer of Fulmer.   He married Mary Ann Dennis, 3 Mar 1806, in Little Gaddesdon, Herts, buried: 28 Nov 1850, St James, Fulmer.   Joseph buried: 5 Mar 1850, St James, Fulmer "aged 70".
vJohn Littleboy, baptized 6 May 1781, Iver Bucks, occupation Labourer.   He married Ann Fenn, 29 Jan 1803, in St John the Baptist Hillingdon, d. 15 Jun 1845, Cowley "aged 64".   John died 2 Apr 1865, Union Workhouse, Hillingdon, "aged 84".
viMary Littleboy, baptized 12 Jan 1783, Iver Bucks.
viiJames Littleboy, baptized 27 Feb 1785, Iver Bucks, occupation Farmer.   He married Lydia Ellis, 3 Jan 1815, in New Windsor, Berks, baptized 1796, d. 1862, Stoke Poges, Bucks.   James died 1867, Stoke Poges, Bucks.
viiiSamuel Littleboy, baptized 28 Jan 1787, Iver Bucks. He married Mary Mosden Winter, 14 Apr 1811, in St Katherine Creechurch, London, buried: 12 Jan 1816, St James, Fulmer "aged 25".   Samuel buried: 6 May 1837, St James, Fulmer.
ixLetty Littleboy, baptized 7 Jun 1789, Iver Bucks.
xSusanna Littleboy, baptized 10 Apr 1791, Iver Bucks.
24.Angela Littleboy, b. Abel Court, Rosemary Lane, baptized 20 April 1738, St Mary Matfellon Whitechapel.   She married James Marson, 6 Feb 1763, in St Leonard Shoreditch, Middx, b. Colton, Staffs, (son of Thomas Marson and Dorothy Webb) baptized 12 Sep 1721, Colton, Staffs, occupation Watchcase-maker & Goldsmith, d. Dec 1783, Butchers' Close, Moorfields, buried: 29 Dec 1783, St Luke Old Street.   Angela died 1811, Whitechapel, probably Prescott Street, buried: 27 Mar 1811, St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, Middx.
iRichard Littleboy Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 18 Dec 1763, St Leonard Shoreditch, d. overseas.
iiElizabeth Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 7 July 1765, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married John Geary Penleaze, 1785, in St James Clerkenwell.   Elizabeth died 1823, St Pancras.
iiiAngela Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 8 Feb 1767, St Leonard, Shoreditch.   She married Edward Pugh, 2 Oct 1788, in St George the Martyr Queen's Square, b. 13 Feb 1765, Holborn, (son of John Pugh and Jane) baptized 19 Mar 1765, St Andrew's Holborn, occupation Tallow Chandler & Soap Boiler, d. June Q 1838?, Shoreditch.
ivJane Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 1 May 1768, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married James Carruthers, 15 Aug 1789, in St Michael, Wood St.
vJames Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 12 Oct 1769, St Leonard Shoreditch.
viBarbara Marson, b. 17 Jan 1771, Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 11 Feb 1771, St Leonard Shoreditch.   She married Joseph Vickers, 5 Feb 1791, in St Leonard Shoreditch, Middx, (son of Samuel Vickers and Mary Dodd) baptized 22 October 1763, Stanhope, Co Durham, occupation Spermaceti Oil Refiner & later supplied gas in Royalty Theatre, Well St, E.1, d. March 1827, Shoreditch, Middx, buried: 23 March 1827, St Luke, Old Street, Middx.   Barbara died 27 Aug 1852, Park Place Villas, Maida Hill, W2, buried: 3 Sep 1852, Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.     Link to Descendants of Vickers >
viiAnn Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 25 May 1772, St Leonard Shoreditch.
viiiCharlotta Marson, b. Prince's Street, Moorfields, baptized 25 January 1774, St Leonard Shoreditch.
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