Hooper of Exminster
Family History

Descendants of Vincent Hooper of Exminster

This page is about the descendants from Vincent HOOPER of Devon, born about 1527.    Any details that you can add, especially corrections will be gratefully received.   If you are related to Vincent Hooper then please update these details.  

First Generation

  2.   iJohn Hooper.
iiElizabeth Hooper, baptized 8 Jul 1566, Exminster.

Second Generation

  2.John Hooper, baptized 28 Jan 1552, Kenn, Devon.  He married (1) Unknown.  He married (2) Anne Cole, 28 Jan 1579, in Exminster.
iAnne Hooper, baptized 15 Nov 1577, Exminster.
  3.iiGeorge Hooper.
iiiRose Hooper, baptized Nov 1580, Exminster, Devon.
ivChristopher Hooper, baptized 11 Jan 1581, Exminster, Devon.
vAlice Hooper, baptized 27 Apr 1582, Exminster, Devon.
viRichard Hooper, baptized 13 Jan 1584, Exminster, Devon.
  4.viiRichard Hooper.
viii Catherine Hooper, baptized 10 Jan 1590, Exminster, Devon.  She married Robert Tucker, 1606.

Third Generation

  3.George Hooper, baptized 7 Nov 1579, Exminster, Devon.  He married (1) Mary Spicer, 6 Apr 1604, in Kenn, buried: 10 May 1613, Exminster.  He married (2) Unknown.  He married (3) Joane Cockeran, 25 Nov 1623, in Exminster.  George buried: 1 Mar 1642, Exminster.
iThomasin Hooper, baptized 3 Apr 1607, Exminster.
iiJohn Hooper, baptized 2 Dec 1609, Exminster.
iiiMargerie Hooper, baptized 17 Oct 1612, Exminster.
ivGeorge Hooper, baptized 18 Jan 1614/15, Exminster.
vGrace Hooper, baptized 6 Dec 1617, Kenn, Devon.
viRichard Hooper, baptized 16 Oct 1624, Exminster.
viiElizabeth Hooper, baptized 25 Apr 1627, Kenn.
viiiDavid Hooper, baptized 29 Aug 1629, Kenn.
ixChristen Hooper, baptized 15 Sep 1632, Exminster.
  4.Richard Hooper, baptized 10 May 1587, Exminster, Devon, occupation Tailor.  He married Joan Spicer, 9 Sep 1613, in Exminster, (daughter of William Spicer) baptized 3 Dec 1592, Powderham, Devon.
  5.iGeorge Hooper.
iiAnne Hooper, baptized 24 Jan 1618, Exminster, Devon.
iiiJohn Hooper, baptized 7 Mar 1620, Exminster.
ivRose Hooper, baptized 9 Jan 1625, Exminster.
vMary Hooper, baptized 28 Sep 1630, Exminster.
viMary Hooper, baptized 30 May 1633, Exminster.
viiDorothy Hooper, baptized 16 Dec 1638, Exminster.  She married William Pollard, 1665, in Kenn.

Fourth Generation

  5.George Hooper, baptized 14 Dec 1616, Exminster.  He married Ann, c1648/9, buried: 3 Mar 1696, Kenn.
iRose Hooper, baptized 12 Feb 1649/50, Kenn, Devon.
iiJane Hooper, baptized 29 Mar 1651, Kenn, Devon.
  6.iiiWilliam Hooper.

Fifth Generation

  6.William Hooper, baptized 23 Jun 1654, Kenn, Devon, occupation Husbandman.  He married Mary Alleyn, 2 Oct 1682, in Exeter ML.  William buried: 1 Jul 1724, Ashcombe, Devon.
iAnn Hooper, baptized 6 Jan 1682/3, Ashcombe, Devon, buried: 7 Feb 1682/3, Ashcombe.
  7.iiWilliam Hooper.
iiiGeorge Hooper, baptized 3 May 1690, Ashcombe, Devon, buried: 10 May 1690, Ashcombe.
ivJohn Hooper, baptized 13 May 1691, Ashcombe, Devon, buried: 16 May 1691, Ashcombe, Devon.
vMary Hooper, baptized 10 Sep 1692, Ashcombe, Devon.  She married Joseph Kimrell?, 15 Aug 1711, in Ide, Devon.
  8.viThomas Hooper.
viiJohn Hooper, baptized 13 Feb 1698/9, Ashcombe, Devon.  He married (1) Ann Pomisford, 9 Apr 1725, in St Peter Cathedral, Exeter, buried: 23 Feb 1740, St Olave, Exeter.  He married (2) Jane Edderidge, 1 Jan 1741, in St Lawrence, Exeter.  John buried: 29 Mar 1747, St Lawrence, Exeter.
viiiElizabeth Hooper, born c1700, buried: 10 May 1702, Ashcombe, Devon.

Sixth Generation

  7.William Hooper, baptized 1 May 1686, Ashcombe, Devon.  He married Grace Hawkins, 8 Oct 1709, in Kenn, buried: 19 Apr 1725, Kenn, Devon.  William buried: 3 Mar 1741, Kenn.
iJohn Hooper, baptized 25 Feb 1709/10, Kenn.
iiWill Hooper, baptized 22 Jan 1711, Kenn, buried: 26 Sep 1713, Kenn.
iiiElizabeth Hooper, baptized 11 Apr 1714, Kenn.
  9.ivWilliam Hooper.
vGeorge Hooper, baptized 14 Jun 1722, Kenn, buried: 26 Jul 1722, Kenn.
10.viMary Hooper.
  8.Thomas Hooper, baptized 25 Jun 1695, Ashcombe, Devon, occupation Farmer.  He married Ann Beare, 29 May 1729, in St Leonard, Exeter (both of St Mary Arches), (daughter of John Beare and Mary Lowton) baptized 24 Jun 1710, Hennock, Devon.  Thomas buried: 27 Nov 1752, St Olave, Exeter.
11.iJohn Hooper.
12.iiThomas Hooper.
iiiAnn Hooper, baptized 20 Jun 1733, St Mary Arches, Exeter, buried: 31 Jul 1737, St Mary Arches.
ivAnn Hooper, baptized 20 Apr 1738, St Mary Arches, Exeter, buried: 28 Aug 1751, St Olave, Exeter.

Seventh Generation

  9.William Hooper, baptized 2 Oct 1716, Kenn, Devon.  He married Mary Langler, 30 Jan 1747, in Kenn.  William buried: 2 Mar 1760, Kenn.
iMary Hooper, baptized 6 Aug 1749, Kenn.  She married William Lock, 31 Jan 1769, in Kenn.
iiElizabeth Hooper, baptized 25 Dec 1752, Kenn.
10.Mary Hooper, baptized 27 Jul 1723, Kenn.  She married Pentecost Shilson, 22 Dec 1745, in Kenn, Devon.
iAgnes Shilson, baptized 9 Jul 1746, Kenn.
11.John Hooper, baptized 17 Feb 1729/30, St Mary Arches, Exeter, occupation Farmer.  He married Elizabeth Davey, 16 Sep 1756, in Topsham, Devon, (daughter of William Davey and Agnes Taylor) baptized 4 Nov 1733, Topsham, Devon, buried: 24 Jan 1802, Heavitree "aged 68".  John died 1 Feb 1819, Heavitree, buried: 7 Feb 1819, Heavitree Exeter aged 89.
13.iWilliam Hooper.
14.iiAnn Hooper.
15.iiiJohn Hooper.
ivMary Hooper, baptized 24 Feb 1765, Heavitree Exeter.  She married Robert Snow, 4 Mar 1805, in Heavitree, Devon, (son of George Snow and Elizabeth Skinner) baptized 6 Apr 1766, Cadeleigh, Devon.  Mary died 30 Jan 1823, Heavitree "age 57", buried: 6 Jul 1823.
vBetty Hooper, baptized 23 Feb 1768, Heavitree, Exeter.  She married (1) Samuel Page, 14 Jan 1796, in Heavitree, Exeter.  She married (2) Arthur Moore, 24 Dec 1806, in Arthur Moore, baptized c1761, d. 1840, "aged 79".  Betty buried: 18 Jan 1834, Heavitree.
16.viJames Hooper.
viiPeggy Hooper, baptized 23 Feb 1774, Heavitree, Exeter.  She married William Snow, 9 Aug 1807, in St Mary Steps, Exeter, (son of George Snow and Elizabeth Skinner) baptized 2 Jul 1764, Cadeleigh, Devon, occupation Coal Merchant, d. 4 Aug 1854, "age 92", buried: 9 Dec 1854, Heavitree, Exeter.  Peggy buried: 27 May 1852, Heavitree "aged 80".
12.Thomas Hooper, baptized 1 Oct 1731, St Mary Arches, Exeter.  He married Jane, c1760. Thomas buried: St Sidwell? several possible dates.
iJane Hooper, baptized 1 Jan 1761, St David, Exeter.  She married James Wilmot, 8 Feb 1790, in St Mary Steps, Exeter.
17.iiThomas Hooper.

Eighth Generation

13.William Hooper, baptized 11 Sep 1757, Topsham, Devon, occupation Builder/Architect.  He married Mary Dyer, 30 Sep 1784, in Heavitree, Exeter, (daughter of Henry Dyer and Elizabeth Sowden) baptized 6 Jan 1762, Heavitree, Exeter, d. 30 Apr 1842, Heavitree "aged 82".  William died 4 Apr 1831, 10 Midway Terrace, Heavitree, Exeter, buried: 11 Apr 1831, Heavitree.
18.iWilliam Hooper born c1785.
iiMary Hooper, baptized 29 Aug 1787, St Sidwell's, Exeter, buried: 7 Feb 1850, St Sidwell, Exeter "aged 64".
19.iiiJohn Hooper.
ivMaria Hooper, baptized 11 Jan 1792, St Sidwell's Exeter, buried: 1 Apr 1810, Heavitree "aged 18".
20.vHenry Hooper.
21.viGeorge Hooper.
viiCharlotte Hooper, b. 6 Aug 1797, baptized 4 Nov 1798, St Sidwell's Exeter, buried: 8 Jun 1813, Heavitree, Exeter.
22.viiiSamuel Hooper.
23.ixRobert Hooper.
14.Ann Hooper, baptized 23 Jan 1760, Topsham, Devon.  She married John Gould, 23 Jul 1786, in Heavitree, Exeter, (son of John Gould and Mary Peters) baptized 2 Nov 1758, Poltimore, Devon, occupation Gardener.  Ann died 6 Sep 1837, Heavitree, Exeter "aged 72", buried: 13 Sep 1837, Heavitree "aged 77".
24.iThomas Hooper.
25.iiMartha Hooper.
15.John Hooper, baptized 11 Jul 1762, Topsham, Devon, occupation Shopkeeper in St Olave's, Exeter.  He married Ann Starke, 20 May 1798, in St Mary Arches, Exeter.  John died 29 Jul 1821, South Wonford, Heavitree, buried: 2 Aug 1821, Heavitree, Exeter.
iElizabeth Hooper, baptized 9 Feb 1800, St Olave, Exeter.
26.iiJohn Hooper.
iiiMary Hooper, baptized 9 Nov 1806, St Olave Exeter.  She married Henry Pullen, 6 Jun 1824, in Heavitree by licence.
16.James Hooper, baptized 1 Jan 1772, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon, occupation White Bread Baker.  He married (1) Sarah Humphreys, 17 Mar 1794, in St Sidwell Exeter, d. 21 Mar 1801, Paris Street, Exeter.  He married (2) Sarah Manston, 6 Mar 1802, in St Sidwell, Exeter, buried: 8 May 1808, St Sidwell.  He married (3) Elizabeth Bradock, 6 Apr 1809, in St Sidwell, Exeter.  James buried: 18 Jun 1822, St Sidwell.
27.iJames Hooper.
iiHenry Hooper, b. Paris Street, Exeter, baptized 30 Jan 1797, St Sidwell, Exeter, occupation Baker/Grocer.  He married Joanna Tucker, 29 Aug 1819, in St Mary Steps, Exeter.  Henry died 4 Mar 1844, Countess Wear aged 48.
iiiSarah Hooper, baptized 16 Mar 1798, St Sidwell, Exeter, d. after 1851.
ivThomas Hooper, baptized 16 Mar 1800, St Sidwell Exeter, occupation Shoemaker.  He married (1) Elizabeth Nicholls, 29 Dec 1822, in St Edmunds, Exeter.  He married (2) Elizabeth Kingwell, 23 Jul 1827, in St Thomas Apostle, Exeter, buried: 4 Feb 1834, St Mary Steps, Exeter.  Thomas died Paris Street, Exeter, buried: 17 Jul 1836, St Sidwell, Exeter aged 36.
vMartha Hooper, baptized 22 Apr 1803, St Sidwell, Exeter.  She married William Phillips Jones, 19 Sep 1824, in Chudleigh, Devon.
viCharles Hooper, baptized 21 Apr 1805, St Sidwell Exeter, buried: 17 Dec 1805, Heavitree, Exeter aged 9 months.
viiEdward Hooper, baptized 28 Sep 1806, St Sidwell, Exeter.
viiiElizabeth Hooper, baptized 21 Feb 1810, St Sidwell, Exeter.  She married John Collings, 12 Sep 1833, in St Mary Steps, Exeter.
28.ixJohn Woodman Hooper.
29.xRichard Street Hooper.
xiAnn Bradock Hooper, baptized 5 Apr 1815, St Sidwell, Exeter.  She married John Gould, 10 Jan 1835, in St Mary Major, Exeter, (son of Thomas Gould and Martha Hunt) baptized 19 Nov 1815, Heavitree. Exeter, occupation Plasterer.
xiiCaroline Hooper, baptized 20 Sep 1819, St Sidwell, Exeter.
17.Thomas Hooper, baptized 25 Dec 1762, St David, Exeter, occupation Joiner 1784, later builder & auctioneer.  He married Mary Tozer Tozer, 9 Feb 1784, in St Mary Major, Exeter, d. 18 Oct 1828.  Thomas died 17 Jul 1823, St Paul, Exeter, buried: 21 Jul 1823, St Sidwell, Exeter aged 61.
iMary Tozer Hooper, baptized 13 Dec 1784, Bow Mint Meeting, Exeter, buried: 20 Nov 1843, St Sidwell, Exeter.

Ninth Generation

18.William Hooper, b. c1785, Exeter, occupation Sheriff of Exeter.  He married Mary Wills, 6 Dec 1806, in St David, Exeter ML (5 Dec 1806), (daughter of William Wills and Ann Searle) baptized 10 May 1784, Exeter Holy Trinity, d. 4 May 1810, Heavitree, buried: 13 May 1810, Heavitree, Exeter.  William died 30 Dec 1863, St David's Hill, Exeter "aged 78".
30.iWilliam Wills Hooper.
19.John Hooper, baptized 16 Aug 1789, St Sidwell's Exeter, occupation Baker & Confectioner.  He married Elizabeth Granger, 23 Jul 1815, in Farringdon, Devon, (daughter of Richard Granger and Elizabeth Chown) baptized 17 Nov 1796, Rockbeare, buried: 28 Jun 1859, Heavitree? "aged 63".  John died 12 Sep 1849, Heavitree "aged 62".
iJohn Hooper, baptized 6 Oct 1816, Heavitree, Devon, occupation Attorney.  He married Matilda Morrice Coffin Arnold, 10 May 1848, in St Martin in the Fields, b. c1807, d. 10 Jul 1869, Heavitree "aged 49".
20.Henry Hooper, baptized 24 Jan 1793, St Sidwell Exeter, occupation Builder/Architect, he was also Sheriff 1840-41 and 1846-47 as well as Mayor of Exeter 1843-44 and again 1857-58.  He married Sarah Wilcocks, 5 Jul 1818, in Heavitree, Exeter, (daughter of Robert Wilcocks and Elizabeth) baptized 27 Nov 1794, Heavitree, d. 10 Jan 1863, Exeter "aged 66", buried: Jan 1863, St David's, Exeter.  Henry died 12 Jul 1868, The Crescent, Mt Radford, Exeter, buried: 15 Jul 1868, St Sidwell, Exeter.
31.iHenry Wilcocks Hooper.
32.iiMaria Sarah Hopkins Hooper.
iiiJames Peter Hooper, b. c May 1822, Paris Street, Exeter, buried: 16 Nov 1823, St Sidwell Exeter "aged 18 months".
33.ivGeorge Edwin Hooper.
34.vWilliam Hooper.
viEmma Hooper, baptized 10 Sep 1830, St Sidwell, Exeter, buried: 18 Dec 1830, St Sidwell "aged 3 months".
viiEdwin Hooper, baptized 12 Jan 1832, St Sidwell, Exeter.
viiiEmma Hooper, baptized 11 Jan 1837, St Sidwell, Exeter.
21.George Hooper, baptized 23 Aug 1795, St Sidwell's Exeter, occupation Coachbuilder.  He married Jane Jackson Norgate, 31 Aug 1824, in Norwich, (daughter of John Norgate and Mary Jackson) baptized 6 Mar 1796, St Stephen, Norwich.  George buried: 19 Nov 1878, Norwood, S.London.
35.iGeorge Norgate Hooper b. 16 Oct 1825.
36.iiWilliam Hooper.
iiiHenry Hooper, b. 11 Sep 1828, Norwich, occupation Civil Engineer, d. Jun Q 1882, Richmond RD.
ivAmelia Jane Hooper, baptized 14 Oct 1830, St Martin in the Fields, d. 18 Aug 1831, Exeter.
vAlfred Hooper, b. 28 Feb 1833, Haymarket, baptized 22 May 1833, St Martin in the Fields, occupation Black Watch Royal Army Medical Corps, d. Crimea?.
viClara Jane Hooper, b. 21 Oct 1835, Haymarket, baptized 17 Feb 1836, St Martin in the Fields.
37.viiFrederick Charles Hooper b. 20 Oct 1838.
38.viiiCharles Frederick Hooper b. 20 Oct 1838.
22.Samuel Hooper, baptized 8 Jan 1800, St Sidwell's Exeter, occupation Plumber.  He married Phoebe Sarah Thomas, 1 Jan 1833, in Topsham, b. c1813, London.  Samuel died Mar Q 1856, Exeter vol 5b page 60.
iArthur Samuel Hooper, b. 5 Jun 1835, Fore Street Exeter, baptized 30 Sep 1835, St Olave Exeter, d. Mar Q 1893?, Chorlton, Lancs "aged 57".
iiPhoebe Anna Hooper, b. 20 Nov 1836, Fore Street Exeter, baptized 2 Jan 1837, St Olave Exeter.
iiiJane Elizabeth Hooper, b. c1838, Exeter, d. 1854, Maddock's Row, Exeter "aged 16", buried: 18 Mar 1854, St Paul's.
ivFrank Hooper, b. 1 Jun 1841, Fore Street Exeter, baptized 1 Jun 1841, St Olave Exeter.
vPhoebe Ellen Hooper, baptized 12 Aug 1843, St Olave, Exeter.
viLaura Rose Hooper, b. Fore Street (no date), baptized 22 Jul 1846, St Olave, Exeter.
viiLucy Helen Hooper, b. c Sep 1848, buried: 1 Mar 1854, St Paul, Exeter "aged 4 & a half".
viiiEmily Hooper, b. 1848-1849, Maddock's Row, Exeter?.
39.ixWilliam Frederick Hooper, b. 1852, baptized 1 Feb 1857, St Paul, Exeter "aged 4 years 6 months".
xLucy Helen Hooper, baptized 11 Feb 1855, St Paul's Exeter.
23.Robert Hooper, baptized 26 Jan 1804, St Sidwell's Exeter.  He married Sarah Luxmoore, 25 Feb 1828, in Crediton, Devon, (daughter of Thomas Luxmoore and Mary Roberts) baptized 23 Mar 1801, Crediton.  Robert died 13 May 1862, Munroeville, Huron County, USA.
iMary Hooper, baptized 26 Jun 1833, Crediton, Devon.
iiThomas Luxmoore Hooper, baptized 14 Sep 1831, Crediton, Devon.
iiiWilliam Hooper, baptized 25 Feb 1836, St Mary Major Exeter.
24.Thomas Gould, baptized 24 May 1787, Heavitree, Exeter, occupation Joiner.  He married Martha Hunt, 29 May 1815, in St Pancras, Exeter, buried: 5 Nov 1848, Heavitree, Exeter "aged 54".  Thomas buried: 16 Jan 1848, Heavitree Exter "aged 61".
iJohn Gould, baptized 19 Nov 1815, Heavitree. Exeter, occupation Plasterer.  He married Ann Bradock Hooper, 10 Jan 1835, in St Mary Major, Exeter, (daughter of James Hooper and Elizabeth Bradock) baptized 5 Apr 1815, St Sidwell, Exeter.
iiMartha Dorothy Gould, baptized 31 Mar 1822, Heavitree, Exeter.
iiiAnne Elizabeth Gould, baptized 18 Jan 1824, Heavitree, Exeter.
25.Martha Gould, baptized 23 Jun 1793, Heavitree Exeter.  She married James Capron, 13 Apr 1828, in Heavitree Exeter.
iJames Capron, baptized 29 Sep 1833, Heavitree.
iiJohn Capron, b. 1835/6, Heavitree.
26.John Hooper, baptized 24 Oct 1802, St Olave, Exeter, occupation Yeoman & Assistant Overseer of the Poor.  He married Mary Baker, 28 Feb 1825, in St Mary Arches, Exeter, (daughter of Francis Baker and Ann Aplin) baptized 25 Jan 1803, St Sidwell, Exeter.  John buried: 1 Aug 1838, Heavitree "aged 37".
40.iAnn Hooper.
iiJohn Baker Hooper, baptized 18 Nov 1827, Heavitree.  He married Jane Westcott, 1853.
41.iiiFrancis Hooper.
ivHenry Hooper, baptized 1 Jul 1832, Heavitree, Exeter.  He married Charlotte Smith, 3 Sep 1858, in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
vGeorge Hooper, baptized 21 Sep 1834, Heavitree, Devon.  He married Elizabeth Lucy Rolf, 28 Jun 1864, in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, b. 7 Jul 1845, St Pancras Old Church, (daughter of James Rolf and Jane Westcott).  George died 21 Sep 1880.
42.viFanny Hooper.
27.James Hooper, baptized 2 Feb 1795, St Sidwell Exeter, occupation White Bread Baker.  He married Maria Endacott, 18 Nov 1816, in St Sidwell.  James died 17 May 1853, Nosworthy's Row, Exeter, buried: 20 May 1853, St Sidwell.
iJames Humphreys Hooper, baptized 1 Sep 1817, St Mary Major, Exeter.  He married Frances Caroline Hooper, 10 Apr 1841, in St Peter's Cathedral, Exeter.
28.John Woodman Hooper, baptized 5 Jun 1811, St Sidwell, Exeter.  He married (1) Harriet Catherine.  He married (2) Sarah Bailey.  John died Mar Q 1865, Manchester 8d 142.
iCatherine Elizabeth Hooper, baptized 22 Apr 1832, St Clement Danes.
43.iiEdward L. Hooper b. c1849.
iiiAmy E. Hooper, b. c1850, Birmingham.
44.ivJohn Horace Hooper b. 9 Dec 1851.
29.Richard Street Hooper, baptized 7 Apr 1813, St Sidwell's Exeter, occupation Cabinet Maker.  He married Clarissa Page, 28 May 1837, in Needham Market, Suffolk, b. Needham Market, Suffolk, (daughter of John Page and Clarissa Woollard) baptized 30 Oct 1814, Barking, Suffolk, d. 14 Jun 1882, Carnaby Street, W1.  Richard died 19 Jan 1870, Colney Hatch Asylum, Friern Barnet, Middx.
45.iElizabeth Hooper b. 3 Aug 1838.
iiAnn Hooper, b. 1839.
iiiCaroline Hooper, b. 11 Sep 1841, Stowmarket, Suffolk, baptized 22 Aug 1865, St Luke, Berwick St, W1.  She married John Ehrendall, 22 Jul 1865, in St Martin in the Fields, occupation Tailor.  Caroline died 10 Sep 1891, St Martin Vezubuy, Nice, France.
ivMary Ann Hooper, b. 23 Sep 1843, Needham Market, Suffolk.
46.vRichard Street Hooper b. 8 Jul 1845.
viClarissa Hooper, b. 8 Dec 1845, Needham Market Suffolk, baptized 22 Aug 1865, St Luke, Berwick Street, W1.
47.viiMartha Hooper b. 5 Mar 1850.
viiiJames Henry Hooper, b. 25 Nov 1853, Needham Market, Suffolk.  He married Marie, c1873, b. c1853, France.

Tenth Generation

30.William Wills Hooper, baptized 22 Jul 1807, St Sidwell, Exeter, he was Sheriff of Exeter 1842-43 and also he was Mayor 1850-52.  He married Helen Anderson, 23 Jun 1834, in St James Paddington, baptized 18 Jul 1813, St James Paddington, d. 27 Dec 1880, aged 67.  William died 17 Jan 1872, Countess Weir, Devon.
iWilliam Anderson Hooper, b. c1835, died as an infant.
iiHelen Hooper, baptized 13 May 1836, Holy Trinity Exeter, d. 1856.
48.iiiWilliam Ernest Anderson Hooper b. c1840.
49.ivSydney b. 1842/3.
50.vReginald Hooper b. 19 Apr 1847.
31.Henry Wilcocks Hooper, baptized 25 Dec 1818, St Sidwell, Exeter, occupation Solicitor & Coroner for Exeter.   He married Julia Evelina Richards, 7 Jan 1843, in Corsham Wilts, (daughter of John Richards and Mary Phippard) baptized 15 Sep 1819, Gosport, Hants.  Henry died 21 Aug 1903, Daphne House, Dawlish.
51.iEdith Ellen Montgomery Hooper b. c1844.
52.iiPelly Hooper b. c1846/7.
53.iiiHenry Drew Hooper born c1845.
54.ivFrederick Montgomery Hooper b. c1851/2.
55.vEdward Massiter Hooper b. c1854.
viPercy Hugo Hooper, b. 1855/6, Exeter.
56.viiAugustus Shelton Hooper b. Sep Q 1859.
viiiGordon Hooper, b. Jun Q 1861, Exeter, occupation Dentist.
32.Maria Sarah Hopkins Hooper, baptized 7 May 1821, St Sidwell, Exeter.  She married John Durrant Cumming, 1845, in St Thomas Exeter.
iSarah Cumming, b. c1846, St Leonard, Exeter.
33.George Edwin Hooper, baptized 2 Oct 1826, St Sidwell, Exeter.  He married Sarah Savory, baptized Silverton.
iFlorence Hooper.
34.William Hooper, baptized 5 Oct 1828, St Sidwell, Exeter, occupation Church of England clergyman.  He married Helen Emma Palmer, 16 Feb 1854, in St Leonard, Exeter, b. 1837, South Africa.
iFemale Hooper, b. 16 Feb 1855, George Nimpton, Devon.
iiWilliam Frederick Hooper, b. 1857, George Nimpton, Devon, occupation Law Student.
35.George Norgate Hooper, b. 16 Oct 1825, Norwich.  He married Elizabeth, b. Lambeth.
iErnest F. Hooper, b. 1870, Hampstead.
iiGeoffrey F. Hooper, b. 1874, Hampstead.
iiiEdith Laura Hooper, b. Jun Q 1877, Hampstead.
36.William Hooper, baptized 29 Dec 1826, Norwich, occupation Coach Builder.  He married Harriet, b. c1835, Middlesex.
iJulia Hooper, b. c1860, Middlesex.
iiHerbert Hooper, b. c1861, Middlesex, occupation Surveyor.
37.Frederick Charles Hooper, b. 20 Oct 1838, 60 Oxford Terrace, Paddington.  He married unknown.
iFlora Hooper.
38.Charles Frederick Hooper, b. 20 Oct 1838, 60 Oxford Terrace, Paddington, occupation Officer, Liverpool Regiment.  He married Emily, b. c1837, Lambeth/Southwark.
iBeatrice E. Hooper, b. 1875, Cork, Ireland.
iiAlice L. Hooper, b. 1877, Hampstead.
iiiJohn C. Hooper, b. 1879, Sheldwich Kent.
ivAlfred H. Hooper, b. c Jan 1881, Sheldwich, Kent.
vTheresa Hooper, b. 1872, East Indies.
39.William Frederick Hooper, born 1852, baptized 1 Feb 1857, St Paul, Exeter "aged 4 years 6 months".   He married Margaret Fuell, 23 Dec 1873, in Manchester Cathedral, b. c1852, Enfield, Middx.
iMabel Florence Hooper, b. Dec Q 1874, Salford, Lancs.
57.iiCharles Frederick Hooper b. Mar Q 1876.
40.Ann Hooper, baptized 19 Jan 1826, Heavitree.  She married Thomas Mark Richards, 31 Oct 1853, in Heavitree, Exeter, baptized 28 Sep 1823, St Sidwell, Exeter, occupation Bank Clerk, d. 5 Dec 1882, Exeter.  Ann died 9 Feb 1886, Broadclyst, Devon.
iMary Hooper Richards, b. 6 Jun 1855, Exeter.
iiThomas Harry Hooper Richards, b. 20 Jul 1857, d. 11 Jul 1908, Claremont Hospital,Queensland, Australia.
iiiCharles Hooper Richards, b. 4 Jul 1859, Exeter.  He married Edith Mary Blackler, 6 Jun 1893, b. 25 Mar 1867.  Charles died 2 Oct 1867, Birmingham.
ivElizabeth Anne Richards, b. 6 Sep 1862, Exeter, d. 26 Aug 1918, Croydon.
41.Francis Hooper, baptized 7 Dec 1829, Heavitree, Exeter, occupation Tailor employing 5 men.  He married Sarah Jane Biggs, 5 Jul 1853, in St Martin in the Fields, d. by 1881.
iMinnie K. Hooper, b. c1856, Westminster Middx.
iiEmma J. Hooper, b. c1866, Westminster.
iiiEdith K. Hooper, b. c1869, Westminster.
42.Fanny Hooper, baptized 29 Jan 1837, Heavitree, Exeter.  She married William Salter, 1858, occupation Ironmonger.
iMary Salter, b. 1874, St Marychurch, Devon.
43.Edward L Hooper, b. c1849, Manchester.  He married Harriet A., b. c1849, Bognor Sussex, occupation Artist Figure Painter.
iJohn H.E. Hooper, b. c May 1880, St Pancras.
44.John Horace Hooper, b. 9 Dec 1851, 26 Gartside Street, Manchester, occupation Landscape Painter.  He married Jane Ann Slater, 11 Aug 1873, in St Nicholas, Liverpool.  John died 11 Oct 1906, 2 Richmond Terrace, Twickenham.
iEdward G. Hooper, b. c1874, Liverpool, occupation Picture Restorer.
iiJohn Woodman Hooper, b. 29 Dec 1876, 37 Park Street, St Pancras, occupation Accountant's clerk, d. 23 May 1956, Cheam, Surrey.
iiiArthur Horace Hooper, b. 1878, St Pancras, occupation Commission Agent's Clerk.
45.Elizabeth Hooper, b. 3 Aug 1838, Needham Market Suffolk.  She married Giovanni Battista Barbasio, b. c1828, Turin, Italy, occupation Tailor, d. Sep Q 1889, Westminster age 61.
iMorris Barbasio, b. c1860, d. Mar Q 1878, Westminster.
iiLouisa Elizabeth Barbasio, b. Dec Q 1862, Westminster St James, baptized 2 Aug 1874, St James Piccadilly.
iiiAlice Barbasio, baptized 2 Aug 1863, St Luke? Berwick St.  She married Johan Victor Acker, Mar Q 1892, in Westminster, b. c1859, Sweden, occupation Foreman Tailor.
ivClara Barbasio, b. c1866.  She married Georges Alexandre Gewer, Mar Q 1892, in Westminster.
vAnn Caroline Barbasio, b. Sep Q 1870, Westminster, baptized 2 Aug 1874, St James Piccadilly.  She married Alfred George Nunn, Mar Q 1890, in Wandsworth.
58.viJohn Baptiste Barbasio, b. Sep Q 1875.
viiAlphonse Barbasio, b. 1881/2, St James Westminster.
46.Richard Street Hooper, b. 8 Jul 1845, Needham Market, Suffolk, occupation Carpenter.  He married Charlotte Bovingdon, 8 Oct 1871, in St James, Westminster, b. 22 Jul 1848, 6 South Row, W1, (daughter of Samuel Bovingdon and Louisa Watkins) occupation Dressmaker, d. 21 Jul 1929, 19 Chase Side Crescent, Enfield.  Richard died 10 Sep 1927, North Middlesex Hospital Edmonton.
iJames Henry Hooper, b. 2 Jan 1873, d. 16 Feb 1873.
59.iiRichard Samuel Hooper b. 6 Feb 1874.
60.iiiKatherine Hooper b. 3 Mar 1876.
ivJames Hooper, b. 6 Aug 1878, 19 Exmouth Place, St Pancras, d. not on 1901 census.
61.vJohn Hooper b. 16 Jun 1882.
viSamuel Hooper, b. 6 Dec 1884, 19 Redhill Street, NW1, d. 11 Dec 1899, 115 Stanhope Street, NW1.
viiClarissa Hooper, b. 5 Jun 1887, 26 Redhill Street, NW1.
47.Martha Hooper, b. 5 Mar 1850, Needham Market, Suffolk, baptized 22 Aug 1865, St Luke, Berwick St, W1.  She married Thomas Wilkinson, 10 Jan 1870, in St James, Piccadilly, W1.
iMartha Clara Wilkinson, b. c1871, St James Westminster, occupation Tailoress.
iiBlanche Wilkinson, b. 1873, St James Westminster.
iiiAda Geraldine Wilkinson, b. c1877, St James Westminster, occupation Waitress.
ivHarry Wilkinson, b. 1881, St James Westminster.
vWilliam Fanes Wilkinson, b. c1888, Brixton.

Eleventh Generation

48.William Ernest Anderson Hooper, b. c1840.  He married Louise Oliver.
iCaroline Blanche Hooper, d. 17 May 1885.
iiWilliam Ernest Reginald Hooper.
62.iiiHelen Maud Hooper b. Jun Q 1877.
49.Sydney Hooper, b. 1842/3, Exeter, occupation Army Officer (8th Hussars).  He married Louisa, c1870, b. c1846, Exeter.
iEthel Louise M. Hooper, b. June Q 1870, Yeovil Somerset.
iiCharles Frederick Hooper, b. 1872, Exeter.
iiiMabel Constance Hooper, b. Jun Q 1873, St Thomas RD Exeter.
50.Reginald Hooper, b. 19 Apr 1847, St Leonard's, Exeter, occupation Engineer.  He married Edith Ellen Montgomery Hooper (#51 below), Jun Q 1872, in Exeter, b. c1844, Exeter, (daughter of Henry Wilcocks Hooper and Julia Evelina Richards) d. 10 Feb 1924.  Reginald died 2 Apr 1898, Nice.
63.iReginald Archibald Anderson Hooper b. Jun Q 1878, St Thomas RD, Exeter.   He married Murielle Clark, c1907, in English Church, Nice.  Reginald died 1957.
51.Edith Ellen Montgomery Hooper, b. c1844, Exeter.  She married (1) Reginald Hooper, Jun Q 1872, in Exeter, (See marriage to number 50 above).  She married (2) Canon Langfold.  Edith died 10 Feb 1924.
52.Pelly Hooper, b. c1846/7, Bedford Precinct, Exeter, occupation Solicitor.  He married Frances Chave, c1871, born c 1848, Exeter.   Pelly died Mar Q 1894, Weymouth RD "aged 47".
iCharles Edward Pelley Hooper, b. 1872, Wyke Regis, Dorset.
iiVictor Hooper, b. c1873, Wyke Regis, Dorset.
iiiGeorge Lewis Pelley Hooper, b. 1875, Wyke Regis.
ivFrances Alice Pelley Hooper, b. Dec Q 1878, Wyke Regis.
vLula Rose Pelley Hooper, b. c1883, Wyke Regis.
viMargaret E. Pelley Hooper, b. c1885, Wyke Regis.
viiVera Mildred Pelley Hooper, b. c1890, Wyke Regis.
53.Henry Drew C. Hooper, b. c 1845, Ottery St Mary, Devon.  He married Mary Ellen Whitehouse, Sep Q 1874, in Exeter, b. c1847, Dudley, Worcestershire.   Henry died Dec Q 1893, Clifton, Bristol.
iJoseph Hooper, b. Sep Q 1875, Bristol.
iiRobert Hooper, b. Sep Q 1876, Bristol, occupation Dental Surgeon.
iiiMary Josephine Hooper, b. Mar Q 1878, Clifton, Bristol (twin).
ivMillicent Elizabeth Hooper, b. Mar Q 1878, Clifton, Bristol (twin).
54.Frederick Montgomery Hooper, b. c 1851/2, Exeter, occupation Solicitor.  He married Florence Beverley, b. c1858, Birmingham.
iThomas Beverley Hooper, b. c1882/3, Birmingham.
iiCyril Beverley Hooper, b. 1884/5, Birmingham.
iiiRichard Beverley Hooper, b. c1875/6, Birmingham.
55.Edward Massiter Hooper, b. c 1854.  He married Minnie Carter.  Edward died 1936.
iArthur Sanderson Hooper.
iiPhyllis Mary Hooper.
56.Augustus Shelton Hooper, b. Sep Q 1859, Exeter.  He married Sarah Ann Shortland, Sep Q 1882, in Wellingborough RD.
iChristine Hooper.  She married John Hope, occupation Colonel.
iiDorothy Hooper, b. c1885.  She married Jack McGregor.
iiiEvelyn May Hooper, b. Sep Q 1894, Finedon, Northants.
57.Charles Frederick Hooper, b. Mar Q 1876, Cheltenham, Gloucs, occupation Merchant Seaman.   He married Catherine Brennan, Dec Q 1902, in Cardiff.
iEllen Brennan alias Hooper, b. 1901, Union Workhouse Cardiff.
iiJohn Charles Hooper, b. 1905, Cardiff, d. Dec Q 1906, Cardiff.
iiiWilliam FerderickHooper, b. Mar Q 1908, Cardiff.
ivCharles Frederick Hooper, b. 1909, Cardiff, d. 29 Nov 1944, Honolulu.
vMabel Catherine Hooper, b. 1911, Cardiff, d. 1933.
viCatherine Hooper, b. 1914, Cardiff.  She married Alexander Mitchell.  Catherine died 1988.
64.viiRichard Hooper, b. 1917, Cardiff.  He married Jenny Milburn Miller.  Richard died 1971.
viiiFlorence Hooper, b. 1920, Cardiff.  She married William George Radford.  Florence died 1991.
ixMary Hooper, b. 18 May 1926, Cardiff, d. 1992, Maryland, USA.
58.John Baptiste Barbasio, b. Sep Q 1875, St James Westminster, baptized 22 Aug 1875, St James Westminster, occupation Tailor.  He married Katherine Hooper (#60 below), 24 Mar 1902, in St Matthew, Oakley Square, NW1, b. 3 Mar 1876, 24 Denman Street, W1, (daughter of Richard Street Hooper and Charlotte Bovingdon).
iJohn Richard A Barbasio, b. Dec Q 1904, Wandsworth.
59.Richard Samuel Hooper, b. 6 Feb 1874, 7 Denman Street, W1, occupation Compositor.  He married Janet Simpson Mackenzie, 8 Apr 1900, in St Matthew, Oakley Square, NW1, d. by 1932.  Richard died 1944-59.
65.iJanet Elizabeth Hooper b. 20 May 1900.
iiJack Hooper, b. 1909, d. 1930.
66.iiiDuncan Percy Hooper b. 6 Feb 1912.
67.ivKatherine Isabel Hooper b. 21 Dec 1914.
vMargaret Hooper, b. 1917, occupation Shop Assistant, d. 21 Sep 1992.
viSylvia Violet Hooper, b. 1920, occupation Secretary.  She married John Lilley, 1960?, occupation Chartered Accountan t.  Sylvia died 1981.
60.Katherine Hooper, b. 3 Mar 1876, (See marriage to number 58 above.)
61.John Hooper, b. 16 Jun 1882, 19 Pancras St (Capper St) WC1.  He married Elsie Angela Vickers, 9 Aug 1910, in St Stephen, Park Avenue, Bush Hill Park, b. 17 Dec 1880, 133 Churchfields, Cheshunt, Herts, (daughter of Charles Vickers and Jane Bright) d. 3 Aug 1968, "Berrystead" Melton Road, Syston. Leics.  John died 5 May 1954, Kingsend, Ruislip, Middx.       View Descendants of James Vickers
68.iRodney John Hooper b. 5 Aug 1911.
69.iiDora Hooper b. 1 Nov 1915.

Twelfth Generation

62.Helen Maud Hooper, b. Jun Q 1877, Tunbridge RD.  She married Percy Hartley.
iCyril Hartley.
iiDennis Hartley.
63.Reginald Archibald Anderson Hooper, b. Jun Q 1878, St Thomas RD, Exeter.  He married Murielle Clark, c1907, in English Church, Nice.  Reginald died 1957.
70.iReginald Ivan Hooper, b. Jun Q 1908, Sr Thomas RD, Bristol.
64.Richard Hooper, b. 1917, Cardiff.  He married Jenny Milburn Miller.   Richard died 1971.
Children: - sequence & details uncertain
iLiving son, married, children?.
iiLiving son, married, 1 son, 2 daughters?
iiiLiving daughter, married, children?.
ivLiving daughter, married, children?, grandchildren?.
vLiving daughter, married, children?.
viLiving daughter, married.
65.Janet Elizabeth Hooper, b. 20 May 1900, London.  She married Edward Curtis, 1938, b. 10 Mar 1903, occupation Printer, d. 24 Sep 1983.  Janet died May 1980.
iLiving son, married.
66.Duncan Percy Hooper, b. 6 Feb 1912, occupation Journalist at Australian Associated Press.  He married Elsie Doreen Finkl, January 1937, in Guildhall, London, b. 8 Feb 1914.  Duncan died 1 Nov 1990, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
iLiving daughter, married, in Australia
iiLiving son, married, in Australia.
67.Katherine Isabel Hooper, b. 21 Dec 1914, occupation Secretary.  She married Henry Gordon Empey, 1939, occupation Printer.  Katherine died 12 Jan 1978.
iLiving son, married.
68.Rodney John Hooper, b. 5 Aug 1911, 85 Muswell Avenue, London N10; occupation Industrial Designer.  He married (1) Ruth Elisabeth Wedmore, 2 Jun 1938, in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1, b. 10 Apr 1910, The Old Hall, Clifton on Dunsmore, Rugby, (daughter of Edmund Basil Wedmore and Elsie Hilda Brison) d. 11 Jun 1971, Royal Free Hospital, London.  He married (2) Sylvia Vera Edith Jozefowski, 2 Dec 1972, in Romford, b. 5 Nov 1925.  Rodney died 10 Feb 1995, Southwold Hospital, Suffolk.
iMary born Farnborough Hospital, Kent.  Married in Maldon, Essex; died Feb 2006, Lewes, Sussex.
iiLiving daughter born Bromley, Kent; married in Maldon, Essex; 2 children.
iiiLiving daughter born Bromley, Kent.  Married in Essex.
ivLiving daughter born Bromley, Kent; married.
69.Dora Hooper, b. 1 Nov 1915, 6 Sneath Avenue, Golders Green.  She married Richard Bennett Jones, 31 May 1941, b. 19 Apr 1916, d. 6 Jun 1981.  Dora died 1 Sep 1980, Loughborough.
iLiving daughter born Edinburgh, Scotland.  Married in Kampala, Uganda.
iiLiving son, born Edinburgh; married.
iiiLiving daughter born Edinburgh; married.

Thirteenth Generation

70.Reginald Ivan Hooper, b. Jun Q 1908, Sr Thomas RD, Bristol, occupation Corn Merchant.  He married Evelyn Mary Woolford, in Pro-Cathedral, Bristol.
iIvan Michael Hooper, born 1931, married with 3 sons, died.
  Research and Author Mary Hume of Lewes.       Author's direct-line ancestors are shown in red.

Very sadly Mary died quite suddenly in February 2006.   This page and the related pages of Vickers, Marson and Littleboy will remain on the Wedmore website as a tribute to Mary's hard work in researching these names as well as Puckle, Mann, Woodroffe and Riches elsewhere on this website, in memory of a much loved cousin.

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